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I have been trying to manage my hair, but it really is all over the place. The top is less curly than the bottom and it is frizzy all over. Sometimes it is more curly than it is in the pictures too. I vary the products I use in my hair to see what works best but nothing seems to be working. I use leave in conditioner, mousse, smoothing cream and serum. I don't want my hair to be crunchy, but I just cannot deal with my hair anymore. Any advice is very welcome!


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    Do you follow the CG method in Lorraine's book? Also, what products are you using (shampoo, conditioner & stylers etc.)?
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    I don't know what the CG method is really. I use tresemme split remedy shampoo and VO5 conditionger. I also use Enjoy leave-in conditioner, its a 10 serum and shine spray, garnier fructis smoothing milk, Aussie mousse as well as some other products. I use a straightener to relax the curls underneath a little bit but rarely ever a hair dryer.
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    Curly Girl (CG) pretty much means that you don't use certain chemicals (mainly sulfates and silicones) in your hair. Everyone has their own twist to it, so it can be a bit confusing, but I find this wikihow really helpful for seeing if a product is CG-approved.

    I feel you on the top-is-less-curly-than-the-bottom thing. I've got the same problem, and sadly no solution. I'd love to hear what other people have to say about that, though.
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    Have you tried coiling or loosely twisting together pieces of hair after your product is in, then separating when dry? The youtube channel shameless maya shows this in one of her wash-n-go tutorials. Here is the link: My Natural Curly Hair Routine :) - YouTube

    She does use a diffuser on her hair, I have tried it twice. Once diffusing all the way dry, and once diffusing for 10-20 minutes (I think- I didn't pay too close attention to time bc I was just experimenting/not on a schedule that day) then air drying. I have 3C/4A lower porosity hair I think, btw. I really liked how defined, and smooth it made my curls but am unsure if I could keep this up for a daily type of thing. (This was last month, and I hadn't used a hair dryer since Dec. of 2012)
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    You should definitely try the Curly Girl method, type it in Google and look up all the information you possibly can before your eyes want to kill you with a spoon. Or even on the website here, there's so much information!
    The basics is that you remove from your "hair diet" all products that contain harsh sulfates (sodium laureth sulfates and the like) and silicones. Only "low-poo" (shampoos with less aggressive cleansers) and conditioners, always silicone-free to wash your hair. Also all the styling products should be silicone-free, and of course no sulfates.

    Your hair looks exactly like mine as a teenager, that is why I started straightening it and it's why it's so ruined now and I decided to get my natural hair back to a decent shape with the CG method.
    Into week 3, results are pretty lovely - the top is STILL sort of less curly, but it's much curlier and better than before and my hair feels so less dry.

    Really give it a chance. (:
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    I also recommend that you try the Curly Girl method. However, while I agree that the information in the Wiki article and here on is a good way to get started, it is not a substitute for getting the book, Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here), by Lorraine Massey. With the book, you'll get the whole method, all at once (rather than by bits and pieces), well organized, with loads of tips, very helpful illustrations, and great video clips (on the DVD which comes with the book). It's the best investment you can make in your curly hair.

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    Thank all of you for replying! I am hoping to get a diffuser soon, I have used one before and it definitely seemed to help my hair. I will also try the curly girl method! I probably am using too much product in my hair, especially since I have been trying to find the right product for me.
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    There are a couple of work-arounds for a diffuser.

    Before they were introduced, people cupped their curls in their hands, with fingers spread, and pointed the hairdryer from root toward hand. This is actually quite effective. It ensures that you're not using too much heat, as your hand wouldn't be able to stand it. It dries your roots well, and the airflow is pointing in the right directly as far as your hair cuticle is overlapped.

    Put a (clean) sock on it! I think the first diffusers were socks, and they still make some which are somewhat similar. So if you don't have one slip a sock over the dryer nozzle, hold it on with a rubber band, and dry away. You won't be able to PixieCurl with this method, but the airflow will be diffused.

    Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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