New to CG, question about towel and products in hair...

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Hi everyone, I am new to CG and so excited. I found a salon near me to get me a devacut too, to help with the curl in my hair!

I just have quick question about the towel, when your hair is wet and you put the product in, then wrap your head in it again....doesn't the product get all over the towel? Does it gunk the towel up? I can see using an old t-shirt, just throw it in the wash and clean it, but I don't want to ruin my new special towels.

Also, isn't the stuff that we wash our laundry in also full of chemicals and who knows what? Dryer sheets, softeners, etc. all leave an invisible film behind, would't that affect our hair in some way? I have ruined some clothing with dryer sheets, they don't react that well with certain fabrics, it leaves a weird greasy oily stain of some sort. Anyway, I guess the answer is to just use wool-lite and dry?

Thanks everyone! :icon_smile:


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    I wash my hair turbans once a week. By the end of the week, parts of them sometimes feel a little stiff from the dried gel. You could just wash them more often if you want to.
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    You don't have to plop. I can't plop because it will make my hair straight so I let my hair air dry. It works perfectly. You can also you use paper towels to get out the excess water & product.
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    So that begs the question, aren't you removing products even with paper towel?

    Or is the amount of product removed really not worth worrying about?
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    I wouldn't worry about how much product is removed by the towels. If it becomes an issue, you can always use a little more to start (personally, I can't add product after I start the drying process.)

    In the instructions for washing the CLU cloths, it says not to put them in the dryer (or at least, no fabric softener.) I just let them air dry. Fabric softener coats them and makes them absorb less.
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    My flour sack towels get gunked up with gel and excess hair dye that is pulled out, I don't see that as a problem since my bathroom is not a showroom and I simply wash the towels regularly. Your products should be water soluble, or at least would wash out with laundry powder.
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    I have Deva towels I love. I throw them in with woolite and air dry. Yeah they gunk up. I may use them twice before washing. Flour sacks I just throw in all the time in a plain water cycle. Seems to work fine. Those I even dry. I will say those are probably my favorite towels.
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    It really depends how much product you use on your hair. I don't use a whole lot and don't have a problem with gunky towels, or too much product coming off of my hair. I reuse mine all week with no issues. The products wash out fine. What detergent are you using that leaves residue behind? That would be a sure sign for me to switch up my detergent or buy a new washer. Also, I've heard of people lightly rubbing drier sheets on their hair to avoid static in the wintertime, so I can't imagine it would have too horrible of an effect on the hair. If you're worried, keep a towel separate just for your hair towel.
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    thanks everyone for all your advice and comments! :)
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    I found that the less my hair sees towels, the happier it seems to be. After I'm done washing it I take the excess water out, then scrunch my hair upside-down with the hood of my microfiber bathrobe until it's not dripping wet, just wet.
    I scrunch in my leave-in, then gel, then argan oil, then diffuse upside-down and it's done. (: I don't even need to scrunch the crunch of the gel out because diffusing softens up the curls already.

    If your towel feels dirty to you, wash it. Maybe use delicate detergents for your hair towels, and low temperature settings and so on if it makes you feel better, but you shouldn't have any film residue left on them!

    OR, if it makes you feel even better, use an old t-shirt for when you need to scrunch the products in and keep the towels just for right after the shower to squeeze the water out when you haven't put any leave-in yet.
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    I use my towel to just scrunch my ends before I put product in, so my hair isn't dripping-down-my-back and getting me soaking kind of wet. I don't tend to touch my hair once it has product in, so none of that gets on the towel.

    Although I am experimenting with plopping now, but for that I just use an old t-shirt and will wash that after a couple of times.

    If you're worried about harsh detergents and stuff wrecking your towel, you can always hand wash.
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