4c twist out holding product

JydalJydal Posts: 178Registered Users
I have a hard time getting my hair to hold for a twist out. Can anyone suggest a holding product, a technique, a youtube video, or anything that may help? Ecostyler gel seems to leave it hard


  • adthomasadthomas Posts: 5,525Registered Users
    Do you mean hold after drying or during drying? My twists unravel if I do them big or on wet hair without rods on the ends. I suggest damp hair and smaller to medium size. As far as hold when dry I think gels work best for most people. . Use a little oil under or over it and see if it eases hardness.
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  • SistapopdemcurlSistapopdemcurl Posts: 225Registered Users
    You can also try ampro olive oil gel.
  • imperialdiamondimperialdiamond Posts: 18Registered Users
    rope twist instead of regular twist. msvcharles has a video on it. i find that rope twists last a lot longer.
  • SCarrinSCarrin Posts: 160Registered Users
    Try ORS lock and twist gel.

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  • Audrey610510Audrey610510 Posts: 21Registered Users
    I love the Cantu for Natural Hair coconut curling cream and I've heard good things about their twist and lock gel. The cream works especially well I leave my twists in a full day or longer.