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Now that the dew point is considerably lower where I live, my cute 2c hair is a mess. I haven't changed my routine, which was working in the summer with a much higher dew point, and now my curls aren't as tight, I have a TON of fly-aways, and the frizz is terrible. Also, my curls are NOT clumping in the shower anymore. I can't find my book and I'm about ready to head out the door, so I thought I would ask my fellow curly-girls for their thoughts and advice before I go digging around for information later.

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    Someone on WHC who lives in low dews uses Tresemme naturals aloe cinditioner and Tresseme hydration lotion. You could try Curl junkie pattern Pusha. I have lots of luck with that in lower dews (any dews actually). Condition a lot and consider something like hanging overr a humidifier.
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    When winter hits, I have to seal my hair so that the air outside doesn't suck out my moisture and go easy on products with glycerin (for the same reason). I "seal" with regis olive oil leave in conditioner and swap my gel to Aussie Instant Freeze. You can seal your hair with a small amount of a light oil like grapeseed oil, I just like the leave in conditioner. :) This helps with frizz tremndously and gets my waves to bounce back.
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    I'm using anti- humectants because they can make your hair spazzing out too. I low poo with a sulfate/silicone free poo, use a anti-humectant conditioner as my rinse out conditioner, then seal my ends with olive oil (my hair is robust like that). I use a moisturizing conditioner as my leave in. Then use a cream to keep in the moisture. So far I'm not having too many fly always. But I'm in need of a cut.
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    NoMorePerfect, I am having the same issues. Flat, stringy hair that doesn't clump. I am going to try cherry lola-ing it today and see if that helps. I am also wondering if the KCKT is preventing it from clumping as thick as I would like, so I might try leaving that out.
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    The dew points in MN have been in the teens the few days. My hair doesn't like oil, so sealing is out for me, but I have had success the last two days. I did the super soaker method with partial pixiecurl diffuse, then air dry (plopping breaks up my pattern) and have more defined waves and curls to my 2B/2C hair. Give super soaker a try as it is pushing more water into your hair.
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    Girl, I hear you! My hair is a mess too. This IL weather is up and down, here and there, all over the place! Two days ago I had my big screen door open, enjoying the nice air. Today I had to scrape thick ice off my windshield, because it snowed yesterday. I'm about ready to either chop my hair or straighten it. I'm beyond frustrated!!!
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    My worst hair days are in low dew weather. I usually give up and do a roller set, but I'd really love to find a way to wear my hair curly in this weather. (groan).
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    I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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    I'm dealing with the same thing. I don't really know what to do. Brushing it out seems to work or a little bit, but then it starts to look nasty again. : ( I may just be doing a lot of up dos.
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    Sooo.. I was just reading this article and it did help me a little bit but I am confused on something.

    Humidity, Humectants and the Dew Point

    ...If the dew point is below 35°F or so, the moisture content in the air is sufficiently low that a humectant applied to your hair might be irresistibly drawn to the moisture in your hair and make every attempt to steal it from you (by drawing it out of your hair and binding it to itself). This can result in dry, fly-away hair, split ends, and broken strands. This effect can often be compensated for by using plenty of moisturizing products, not over-drying your hair (leave it somewhat moist after washing), and layering leave-in conditioners with humectant-containing styling product...

    So at the end it says to use a "humectant-containing styling product." Is this ok because of all the conditioner between the hair and the product?
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    PT - CJ RM
    DT - EVCO

    Currently trying to figure out a winter routine and transition to a less harsh "poo" for summer.
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    thank you for this post I'm having similar issues. I have also been searching for a sealant that is not going to weight down my wavy hair
    2b/2c, Med density, Med Porosity, Fine/Med width, Med length, layers start below ears. Just my shot in the dark for my hair properties. Growing out bleached highlights Fall 2012, growing out dyed hair March 2013. Makes for a confusing mix of properties. Learning how different processes affect hair properties. Using lot of drugstore products right now. Determining what's right for my hair in my climate. Pittsburgh has a little bit of everything weather wise. Modified CGM since March 2013.

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