Best time of day for biotin?

This may seem a silly question, but what's the best day to take my biotin supplements and hair vitamins? I've been taking them at bed since it's when your body repairs and stuff ...
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  • BluebloodBlueblood Posts: 1,748Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    While you shouldn't be taking supplements at all unless recommended to by a medical practitioner it depends on what vitamins and minerals they contain. For example if you are taking a supplement with iron in it, you won't absorbed most of it if you take it with dairy products or within two hours of drinking tea or coffee.

    So I suggest you work out what is exactly in your supplements, which will be on the packaging, post what is in them and ask again.
  • Allyh128Allyh128 Posts: 9Registered Users
    See the thing is your body only need about 100 mg of biotin so naturally it flushes most if it out. I take the supplements anyway just to try and boost my hair growth maybeee. Taking it at night is fine :)
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    PT- coconut oil
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    Conditioner- shea moisture deep treatment masque
    Leave in- shea moisture deep treatment masque
    Sealer-coconut oil

    Mbl trying for wl by summer :D

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