Can Hair Have A "Length Limit"?

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So I've been trying to grow out my 3a/b hair for like the past three years, and it seems like I'm not really getting far. Three/four years ago I chopped like all of my hair off after getting my last relaxer.
I recently argued with my mom enough, who is for the whole cut your hair every month/two months thing, and currently am going about once every four months.
While discussing trying to grow my hair out my stylist told me that some hair will only grow to a certain length, meaning at the moment I will have bra strap length hair forever.
Do any of you have an growth tips? My products are pretty good, most are natural, and I only finger detangle.
Or is my stylist right and I'm destined to have the same length forever?
Thank you in advance for anyone who helps.
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    There is technically such a thing as terminal length, which varies from person to person.
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    It could be genetical. But.. It's also possible you can retain more length by being more patient. Or maybe your stylist cut of too much? Ask her to trim not more than 1/2 or 1 inch when you go for a trim. And remember: if it isn't broke, don't fix it. A trim once in four months sounds resonable, but if your ends are still healthy there is no reason why you should get a trim.
    Good luck!
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    From what I have heard, when you trim your hair regularly and make sure you are snipping those damaged ends, the more likely your hair will continue growing. Have you been regularly trimming?

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    Hair strands have a maximum growing phrase which on average lasts between 2 and 7 years. Some people have a slightly shorter and some people have a longer growing phrase.

    During that phrase the hair strands grow on average 1/2 inch per month. Some people hair grows slightly quicker and others slightly slower. This is why you get people saying their hair has grown 1-2 inches in a month.

    To maximise the amount your hair strand grow during that period you need make sure both your follicles are healthy and the ends of your hair are healthy.

    If your follicles are healthy then your hair will grow from the root at it's maximum length. Healthy follicles come from having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    If the ends of your hair are healthy you will retain the length you are are growing and don't need to cut the ends off at all. Healthy ends come from being kind to your hair i.e. low manipulation, keeping it well conditioned.
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    There is no reason to trim your hair unless the ends are damaged, or it grows unevenly. If you are growing 1/2 a month, and cut off an inch every four months, you will only see one inch of growth every four months. Of course that is IF you hairstylist is only taking one inch. However if you do have damage then you have to get it off, and figure out what is causing the problem to protect your hair in the future. Another thing to consider is your curl, I know with my hair the longer it gets the more it curls so I have to grow quite a bit to actually see the difference (sometimes it seems to be shrinking until it gets enough extra weight to stretch again) unless I stretch it out and hold it in place by hand.
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