Seasons Salon in Orem?

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Someone added Seasons Salon and Day Spa in Orem, UT as a curly hair salon in the finder and it just seems mysterious because there are no reviews for the salon and going through their website, they don't seem to have very many, if any, curly haired clients. All the pictures in the stylists' portfolios, if a client has curly/wavy hair, they straighten it as the after or finished product. None of the stylists, at least from their pictures, appear to have curly/wavy hair naturally or styling their natural curls. Why is this in the curly hair salon finder? Has anyone actually gone there??


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    I live in Utah County and I too have seen this recently. I need a haircut and just the other day I searched this site, then checked out the Seasons Salon site only to find that they clearly do NOT cater to curly clients. I did see in the portfolio of the stylist "Elizabeth" pictures of one curly client who did not straighten. And her curls do look better in the "after" pic. So while that is a possible avenue to explore, it's giving us very little to go on.

    My theory is that the salon owner wants to attract more business, so she just logged on to this site and added her salon. Not honest, or even ethical, really, unless she can back it up. She needs to show us that there is at least one stylist who specializes in curly hair if she is going to put her salon on this site. Unfortunately, most curlies around here seem to straighten, so salons don't see the need to cater to curly girls.

    I haven't had my hair cut in six months since I am dreading the inevitable bad cut around here. My experience in these last 7+ years of living here: pay $10-15 at Fantastic Sam's and get a bad cut, OR try a nice salon and pay $25-35 and get the same bad cut with the added disadvantage that they take an hour of your time and try to push products that you know your hair won't like while giving the bad cut.

    I don't want to drive all the way up to Salt Lake to get a Deva cut. Although I admit my resolve is weakening, even though I am far from wealthy and that is a huge chunk of change for me. Why is it that there are a dozen or more Deva stylists in Salt Lake, but ZERO in Utah county? So on top of the $70 price tag, I'd have the commute and in total it'd take up half my day. I don't even need a Deva stylist, just someone who has a clue about cutting curly hair. It's not rocket science, people!

    My one exception: About four years ago, I did try Patrick at Shep Studio in Provo (also listed on this site) and he did give me a good cut. It set me back about $50 including tip. I imagine it's gone up since. I didn't go back since that salon is just too hoity toity for me, expensive, and he was pushing Bumble and Bumble products the whole time. I'd pay $50+ for a Deva cut, but not for what I got.

    I'll PM you. Maybe between the two of us we can stumble upon a decent stylist here in Utah County.
    Dry climate
    2C/3A, fine texture, high porosity, medium-low density

    For me, desert climate+porous hair+CG=inconsistent results! :-(
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    I thought I'd follow up with an update on my search for a decent stylist here in Utah County.

    A friend of mine (straight hair) had mentioned to me that she gets her hair cut and colored at Remedez salon at the University Mall in Orem and is always really happy. So I thought I'd check out the stylists there on the web site. There's one named Brittlynn Nicholls, and her little paragraph says she "...loves working with curly hair."

    A cut there is $32. So I gave it a shot. Brittlynn was great, very knowledgeable about handling curly hair, and she gave me a great cut! I'm so happy. Really, she knows what she is doing and is sensitive to the special needs of curly hair.

    As an example of her know-how: I was telling her about how I know from sad experience how razoring on the top layer does NOT work for me -- guaranteed frizz. One stylist who was "good with curly hair" had done it to me, and that I had had to stop another stylist from doing that. She already knew what I was talking about, and that it is out of the question to do that with curly hair.

    Most importantly, the cut is great and my curls are curlier, lie/fall better, and this is the best cut I've had in a long, long time. Really, I don't even need to worry about driving up to Salt Lake and paying $70+ for a Devacut if I can get cuts like this.

    Remedez is an Aveda salon, and they do use the products on you and talk about them (Brittlynn used their "Be Curly" line on me), but there is no hard sell, no pushiness.

    So if you're still looking for a good stylist, I'd highly recommend her.

    I'm not going to write a review yet in Salon section of this site. I'll wait until after I've had a second great cut from her to write an official review.
    Dry climate
    2C/3A, fine texture, high porosity, medium-low density

    For me, desert climate+porous hair+CG=inconsistent results! :-(
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    I recently moved back to Utah from AZ and I'm missing my old salon! I have had a hard time finding somewhere here in UT County where I can get my hair cut, and now it is badly in need of some TLC. I don't really want to drive up to Salt Lake, because as was mentioned earlier, it's a bug chunk of time and money. Has anyone had any more luck finding a place in UT County? I noticed that the last posts in this thread are a few years old...
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    Tendrily, I tried to respond to your PM but I didn't have any success. I have looked at the Remedez salon website several times but couldn't find Brittlynn on their website. After googling her, I found her instagram and it looks like she works in Lindon now. Is she worth tracking down? Have you gone to her a second time?

    I ended up going to Salt Lake for my first CG/Deva haircut last summer 2015. I went to Chelsa Vaun at Shear Excellence because my friend's friend gave me a gift card for it(usually it's 75 dollars). I really liked it and highly recommend. Then I made the terrible, terrible mistake of going to Craig's Cuts in Provo (which they should just admit is for men only) yesterday because it was discount day. Big mistake!

    I've decided that if I want the best result, I should stick to people who actually know curly hair/deva cutting. On the devacurl website, it says there is a deva certified haircutter in Orem so maybe I'll try her some time.

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