Curl problems !

Hi everyone :)
I've been doing the CGM for exactly 7months now ,and I have seen great results !
my hair is pretty curly on my right side(3a-b) ,with a lot of volume and so but on my left side my hair is only wavy volume at all and my underlayer is also wavy to straight !
When I was younger I used to scrunch my hair like crazy , (only the right side) don't know why..:) ,so this could probably be the reason why my curls are so differently ..
Anyone having the same problem ,or a solution how to deal with it ??

PS I was told that the hair is more curlier at the side you sleep on ..(I always sleep on my right side )but don't know if this is true...
Thanks in advance :))

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Curl pattern: 2c-3a

Porosity: medium
Density: fine
Width: medium

Routine: modified CG
CW: AO Rose Mosqueta ,Honeysuckle

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