My Challenge with Un-Natural Products...

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Good Morning!

I just wanted to post the challenges I have with products which contain all the chemicals I have found we are not supposed to use on our curly hair, [well, theses products are not really good for straight hair either].

When I wore my hair straight, I used many very good to excellent products over time. As an adult, I started with Herbal Essence...then Nexus...then Paul Mitchell...then Frederic Fekkai, [which is very expensive].

FF products worked wonderful on my hair and my hair grew very long. The challenge is that they never tell you that you must use his products forever. At one point, due to a family situation, my funds were tight and I couldn't buy his products.

All the hair that had grown, starting with my ends, began to look "crazy", splitting and "bending in different directions". i examined them and couldn't do anything with them. I went online and looked at reviews and found this to be the case with others who had stopped using his products. That was crazy!

I ended up cutting my hair and vowed never to use that product again.

What I have found in going natural and learning a little more about products and hair is that some products give an artificial "fix" to hair problems. In order to keep that "fix" in place, you must continue to use the product however the "problem" is still there, underneath.

I got my hair healthy again, and now I am so glad I have gone natural with natural products because it will stay that way.

Anyone else have challenges with products before going CG, or since?
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    When I started my journey to healthy hair I started reading ingredients lists. Apparently I had been 'conditioning' with virtually nothing but silicones: for example I used a spray leave in detangler instead of a creamy rinse out conditioner! Not saying it's as simple as 'silicones are evil', but they did disguise the fact that I was destroying my hair mechanically and chemically. It was breaking off or being pulled out at the roots all around the hairline and at the back where the ponytail sat, but still had that faux shine and softness.

    A year to eighteen months into strict CG I stripped all the old dye out of my hair and air dried totally nekkid, the bottom half which had been sulphated and siliconed was super fluffy/ poofy and the top half which had been conditioner only washed and conditioned with emollients and natural oils was surprisingly well behaved. An fairly clear demarcation!

    I'm now a fan of natural ingredients that are research proven, combined with lab made chemicals again backed by research. Love Komaza Care's approach, using bioidentical molecules like ceramides alongside oils and aloe. Obviously continue to use common artificial ingredients like fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants (ie. basic conditioners).
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