Harsh water and hair fall!

So... I am currently located in an area where the water is HEAVILY treated with some kind of chemical.

From a public health perspective, that's great. From a hair perspective, it's not!

Since I came here, my hair has been falling out copiously, and I am fairly sure it is the water. My hair gets very tangled, and conditioner is not enough to detangle it. The water also makes my hands very dry whenever I touch it, but that is easily fixed.

They do sell purified drinking water, but right now I can't afford to rinse my hair with it.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

I have been no-shampoo for several years (organic non-sulfate shampoo occasionally only), but I am wondering if maybe I should start using shampoo in case there is residue?

Ordering online would not be feasible where I am now (in a moderate sized city in a developing country), and although there are a LOT of imported (and silicone-based) shampoos that say "anti hair-fall" which suggests that I am not the only one with this problem...


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    Get a shower filter, boil up the water before you use it, even leave it just to sit in an open container for twenty four hours if the issue is chlorine (will evaporate). If the issue is minerals put vinegar in your rinsing water, that will help chelate.
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    Thanks, I will try the above!

    (Except for shower filter...I have no idea how to go about that... )

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