i really want & need help!! im hating my hair! [pics]

I’ve been on CG for about a month now and i can say that my hair has gotten curlier, but not as i expected. Here are some pictures so that I can explain myself:


this picture is the inside side of my hair. (does that make sence?) anyway, the green box is my roots. I have absolutely no curl or wave on my roots. The purple box are parts of my hair that go straight (wich is a lot of my hair). The blue square are the parts of my hair that go wavy and the pink one is the parts of my hair that manage to curl (which is usually the hair that frames my face)


This one is the back of my hair. The red box are my straight roots… :? . the pink box is the part of my hair in the back that actually curls (yay!) the green boxes are the parts of my hair in the back that manage to wave and the blue box are the straight pieces of hair.


This is the right side of my hair (the side that has more hair because I part it to the side). Like I said before the hair that frames my face is curlier. The green box is the curliest my hair has ever gotten (so far… who knows in the future..) the blue boxes inside of it are the straight strands of hair that often go through my curls (the curls that actually curl.) I’ve seen some pictures of some of you guys’ hair and it looks so beautiful because its just curls all around and no little straight strands of hair going through your hair. On me it looks ridiculous. The only part of my hair that actually gets curly is like that! :( anyway…


This is the other side of my hair (the side that has the less amount of hair). In the other picture I have like a nice curl there (besides the little straight strands) but on this side I cant seem to get curls like that and the curls just seem to go limp (pink box). The blue box is the part (another part) of my hair that waves. I don’t understand because on that same exact spot but on the other side its curly but on this side it just cant seem to get curly!


This is the ends of my hair in the front. The pink boxes show the waves/ curls and the green box shows (once again) the straight strands.

For me it seems like the shorter strands of hair that are short (like the hair in the pink box in the 2nd picture (the ones in the pink picture are actually short even though it may seem like the curl just “disappears" through out the hair) and the hair in the green box in the 3rd picture) can curl but the ones that are long just wave, and the ones that are long and in the front (like the last picture, pink boxes) curl/ wave at the bottom but get wavy and straighter as they get closer to the root. I do CG, I diffuse and I put honey in my hair but still it doesn’t seem like the straight and wavy strands get curly. My hair began to get curly when I was 11. It started wavy in the front (hair that frames my face) and straight in the back. Then it slowly began to progress and get curlier/wavier over time. Now I’m 13 and this is how it is now. I don’t know if it will just be a matter of time until the rest of the hair “catches up” or if it will stay like this… what do you think?

And now the questions (lol). Is there anything that I can do to get rid of straight strands of hair that go through the actual curls. Is there anything I can do to make the other straight strands (the long ones) at least wavy like the other long ones and possibly curly? Is there any way I can make or encourage the wavy ones to be curly like the other ones? Last time I found it helpful to get a trim. I got a trim right after I started CG and that is when the curls in the back (pink box 2nd picture) started to curl up. I’m thinking about getting another trim, maybe that would help encourage the curls more, but I don’t want my hair that short and if I do get a trim and don’t cut it that short, would it be healthy to get a trim this soon? because its just been a little over a month.

Thank you for listening to me and it would be really great if you could answer the questions and give me some suggestions!!! help me love my hair! (i absolutely HATE it right now!)

Thank you sooo much!!!


P.S. could you please type me?


  • medusahairmedusahair Posts: 3,515Registered Users
    My first thought is ,,,, is it dry where you're at? that will make my hair go wonky. Protein will make those straigh bits and then curly ones. Your hair looks like it has some flyaways? or static maybe? What kind of conditioner are you using? You might need a heavier one or a heavier leave in if it's not a protein buildup.

    It looks like you've made good progress. My hair is crazy a bit too now. I am using a heavier leave in than I usually do.
    There are some things that encourage curl that you could use to maybe help all the hair curl a bit more evenly but generally no one has curls that all act the same way all the way around their head.
    Aloe for some (including me) is curl enhancing, conditioners with peach oil, flax seed gels, [buylink=]Jessicurl's Aloeba[/buylink] has been doing me well now that its so dry as a leave in to help curl, it has aloe in it as well as oils. I scrunch in my products in wet hair and scrunch and scrunch until I can feel it clump up and coil up.

    Those are my thoughts on what might be going on with your hair and what might help. I'm sure others will have suggestions. Your hair is making good progress though!
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    First of all, you have gorgeous hair. The only area that seems flyaway to me in your canopy which is where I have the most problems.

    First question: do you plop? I've been trying this for the last couple of days with great success. I'm not CG. To my routine (after checking out this website) I added a leave-in condish under Aveda curl enhancer with gel on top, then a 20 minute plop and a 10 minute diffuse, I'm enjoying the results. I also lose curl when my hair gets longer, I fight for the curls and volume when it gets BSL. Hence, it always ends up around my shoulders. See if you can locate a salon in your area that specializes in curly cuts, the right cut can make a huge difference.
  • twistedgirltwistedgirl Posts: 87Registered Users
    medusahair: so it could be a protein build up??? if it is that means i have to get conditioner without protein?? sorry im a little confussed...

    curlyincolorado: thanks! yeah i have tried plopping but it was unsuccesful for me...i diffuse everyday but it doesnt really seem to work much... right after i diffuse it looks great, but about 30 min. later it goes flat again...
  • medusahairmedusahair Posts: 3,515Registered Users
    Protein could be in the conditioner or gel if you use gel, it's in a lot of stylers actually.
    Now it might not be that but look in the ingredients of the products you use and some proteins you might see are Wheat, things that are hydrolized, soy, yeast
    I get some funny stuff going on from buildup in general.
    It's just a suggestion to look into. It could very well be just the dry weather.

    The suggestion to plop is good. I can't seem to get that to work for me but I do diffuse partially with a bowl diffuser so that it takes the weight off my curls while I dry them some. Then I air dry the rest of the way. It gives me more volume and better curls.

    I'll be glad when the rainy season is back so my hair is consistent again!
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    Would frequent DTs and/or clarifying allow you to go on using that proteinacious condish/styler if you really really loved it?
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  • medusahairmedusahair Posts: 3,515Registered Users
    It could, I'd try the Dt's first but sometimes I have to shampoo proteins out if I use them constantly.
    Now it might not be the protein but if it is maybe just some extra moisture would help.
    You'll have to play around with it and see what works for you. Let us know how it goes
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  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Posts: 4,306Registered Users
    medusahair wrote:
    It could, I'd try the Dt's first but sometimes I have to shampoo proteins out if I use them constantly.
    Now it might not be the protein but if it is maybe just some extra moisture would help.
    You'll have to play around with it and see what works for you. Let us know how it goes

    Whew! That's good news for if I turn out to have this problem...thanks, mh!
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    You hair looks a lot like mine except a little thicker (which mine used to be). That's about the time my hair started changing as well. Gotta love the hormones. ;P
    Judging by your straighter roots and S-wave pattern, it looks like you're a type 2B-C like I am. One thing about wavies... most of us can't expect to get the same thing going on all 'round our heads. There's a great (and long) thread on the "2" board that's been going on for a long while now that you might want to have a look at, if only to feel less alone in your plight.

    I find that plopping does really help encourage a more consistent curl pattern in my hair. I couldn't get the hang of it until I started using those Turbie Twist towels. I got mine at Sally's. Makes it a whole lot easier to get your hair in there and keep it on your head.

    What products are you using now? Do you have a good gel yet? I just started trying out Loreal Studio Tightly Wound spray gel and today was the most curl I've seen in my hair in I don't know how long. Certainly the most consistent as well. I actually got a good number of spirals all over. It's worth a try since it's only $4.99 and buy one get one free at Walgreens. I wouldn't even try to mess with the spray though. Just use it like regular gel. It's too thick for the spray bottle. Not sure what they were thinking there.

    Have you tried an apple cider vinegar rinse? That seems to encourage a nice wave/curl pattern and super shine in my hair. I use one of those haircolor applicator bottles from Sally's to apply it. I put a little ACV in the bottle (maybe a half to three quarters of an inch in the bottom of the bottle), add warm water and use the tip to apply it directly to my roots/scalp. I use about 2/3 to 3/4 of the bottle this way then I fill it the rest of the way back up with water and pour that all over. Massage it into my scalp I do a CO wash and let it sit for a minute. Then I rinse with cool water. I do this after CO washing and before conditioning. There are many other methods and ideas on ACV rinses but that's what works for me. The ACV will also remove any product build-up you may have.

    There's a couple cheap suggestions you might want to try.

    I am curious what your routine products are right now. Might be able to help a little more if I knew what you were already using.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    I was thinking an ACV rinse also.
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    Call me crazy but I think your hair is really beautiful :D
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  • MaybeWavyMaybeWavy Posts: 374Registered Users
    I have those straight bits underneath too, and they are making me crazy as well.

    If I come come up with a brilliant method of getting them to behave, I'll share!

    Til then, I'm trying MH's and everyones elses suggestions too.
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  • twistedgirltwistedgirl Posts: 87Registered Users
    thanks a lot for the help! meriellyn recomended a product but i dont think they sell it where i live (i live in south america), but i'll look. if they don't sell it, do any of you have any other product recomendations you could give me that would be similar the the one meriellyn talks about??