How much do you apply?

I finally got my hands on KCCC, and I'm experimenting with it. I know it has a learning curve, and I'm fine with that. I mean, what is a bad day now used to be a good day then. So every time I apply this product, I think about how much people use here, and then I realised that I don't really know if those quantities apply to one section at a time, or your entire head.

So… How much product do you apply per section or in total? (and also what product, how do you apply it, etc. I can use some inspiration).
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  • KauaiMareCurlKauaiMareCurl Posts: 317Registered Users
    I have my KCCC in a pump style jar, so that I could have a somewhat consistent amount each time. I use a LOT of KCCC; yesterday I sectioned my hair into four sections and used a PUMP FULL on each section; followed by half a pump on the crown only. I followed with some gel and had decent 2c/3a hair that today, on day two, I have decent 2b/2c hair. The BF liked it (but then again, he always does), and I got a compliment. To help with some of the inevitable frizz I get on day two (which if I remember, is not an issue for you), I use 5 squirts of KC Spiral Spritz mixed with about half a pump of KCCC in my hands and smooth and scrunch.

    I always leave conditioner in and sometimes I use KCKT on top of the LI. I use a LOT of LI, too. So much at times that I think it's going to be weighed down, but it never is. Yesterday, before the KCCC, I used some coconut oil. Sometimes, when my hair is about 25% to 30% dry (an estimate of course), I add a half pump of KCCC on the bottom half of my hair.

    I have used KCCC without gel, but when I do that, I end up with more 2a/2b hair vs 2c/3a with KCCC followed by gel. I am a product junkie, so am using up my abundance of gels. I am pretty sure I have normal porosity hair and the copious amounts of KCCC has NOT increased my drying time in a significant way. When I didn't use LI or only a small bit of LI or add a little water on top of the LI (can't remember what the CG book calls that method), the KCCC felt gunky, no matter how little I used.

    The video tutorial from the KCCC website was helpful, and the picture shows the three KC products I plan on ordering since I can't find them locally

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    I love KCCC and I do find that it works well with KCKT - just a tip that I'm sure you've heard ;-) It looks like you have pretty long hair so I am guessing you will need quite a bit. My hair is right past my shoulders and I use a little more than the size of a quarter. I used way too much the first time, but just kept guessing amounts until I found what works for me. I don't necessarily apply it in sorted out sections exactly, but I do rake it through all of my hair & scrunch it. It really is a trial & error type of thing and I would bet that everyone is different depending on length & porosity. Good luck!
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    For me KCCC has a lot of hold and I find it hard to SOTC due to the pectin, so when I do use it, I try to use about a nickel sized a section. This is a product where less is more. Then again, I have not tried using KCCC while doing the LOC method which can impact the strength of the hold.

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    Second day hair with KCCC and KCKT combo along with a long silk sleep cap. I had major crunch to scrunch on day one, but I used a lot of gel since I had a Halloween party last night and wanted to look fab. The crunch held out through a nap with the sleep cap on and was scrunched out as I was getting ready for the party. ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1382892686.588933.jpg
  • LauraimesLauraimes Posts: 880Registered Users
    So pretty, KauaiMareCurl! Your hair has about the same length as mine.

    Right now I dip in two fingers vertically and then lift them without scooping. I go with whatever sticks to my fingers. I do this to every section (I divide my hair in three sections). Then I dip my fingers one last time and apply it to my entire hair when I'm upside down. Seems to work so far. I do notice that I can use way more than I expected, which is a big surprise.
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  • KauaiMareCurlKauaiMareCurl Posts: 317Registered Users
    Thanks for the compliment! It means a lot coming from you, who I am always jealous of how gorgeous your hair is!
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    I only divide my hair into two sections, because I'm too impatient to do multiple sections, but since my hair is dense I comb the KCCC through. I use 3-5 pumps on all my hair, which is probably about 2-4 teaspoons of KCCC. I don't get much crunch, but then I sleep on wet hair, and that takes out most of the crunch anyway.
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    I use a lot of KCCC, too.

    I actually separate my hair into top half/bottom half when I condition (it's the only way I've found that I'm able to get product into the middle of my hair in the back), and then I dip 2 or 3 fingers in the KCCC and scoop and use one blob that size on the bottom half and another one that size on the top half. Should mention I do this with some water still in my hair post-shower (not all of it, I squeeze it out until it's holding water but not DRIPPING before I apply LI), so I am sure some of it comes back out when I scrunch out the water.

    Then I apply some LALSG after I scrunch out the excess water and plop and all that goodness, but this is a KCCC discussion...

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