tell me about broadband phones.

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I am so fed up with my phone company, if I didn't need one, I would have dumped them a long time ago.

2 years ago we got behind on our phone bill we caught it up with a temporary cash card (gotten from the tax place with our refund). They took it upon themselves to try and auto-charge our bill every month, so that unbeknownst to us made us a month behind every month. (ex. the bill received in Jan. was actually the rolled back bill from Dec. that the charge card rejected because the account no longer had any money on it). After 6 phone calls and 2 disconnects later we finnally got them to stop. Leaving us with fees out the wazo.

then a year later we moved, they turned on the phone here, but didn't turn off the phone at the old apartment. once again, fees. We had just moved and money was tight, so we had to made payment arrangements, for which they shut us off anyways. Apparently the note about the arrangements never made it to the disconnect people and once again we had to pay, more fees, because the woman refused to talk to the guy on the phone so he could tell her not to turn it off.

Since then (been nearly a year) we have paid in full and on time every month. Even so, every month when as soon (and sometimes before) our bill comes in, the collecion calls start up, acting like our bill is overdue, when it's not due for 2 weeks.

Last month during the storm we got shut off again, we thought initially it was the storm took out the line, because we paid our bill. But no, apparently their computer went nuts and taged a bunch of random people for disconnect (their words) they admitted their fault and turned it back on and apologized for the inconveince. I should have known better. I get my phone bill and what do I see, disconnect/reconnection charges!! The only thing the guy could do was to use our "once in a lifetime fee forgiveness waiver" to get rid of the charges. why I had to use that when it was their error is beyond me, but I was happy enough just to get rid of it.

5 minutes ago, I get a call from a collection agent, claiming that we owe them 53 dollars on a closed account from a few months back and that if we don't pay then they are taking us to court. I have never heard of this 53 dollars, we have paid our bill on time and in full every month. We've had the same account/phone number for 7 years now. The very "closed" account she was referring to was the same account that we are using that allowed her to even call me. wtf?

Yeah I made mistakes in my past, that does not give them the right to treat me this way. My cable company offers phone service now, give me the skinny before I get myself shut off cussing them out.

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