Sugar scrub

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Anyone has a recipe for sugar scrubs?


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    I use brown sugar and olive oil. I use no certain measurments. It works wonders for my skin and it helped me get rid of bad tans during the summer.

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    I had a few extra jars of coconut oil. I found this one--worked really well.

    1/2 c raw sugar (any of the larger grained sugars available at the market will work)
    1/3 c sea salt
    1 c coconut oil (it was when the weather was warmer, so it was soft)
    30 drops EO

    If you want it a little softer, 1/4 c sweet almond oil

    I made a larger batch and gave some to friends. They loved it.
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    Thanks all

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    Look on Pinterest! There are so many!!
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    This is the Sugar Scrub I make and use (and gift!)


    1.5 cups Raw unrefined Sugarcane Sugar (brown sugar)
    5 tablespoons Pure Honey
    1/3 cup Almond Oil
    Peppermint Essential Oil or Lavender (optional)
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