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feeleeorfeeleeor Posts: 1Registered Users
My 13 year old daughter has had locs in for abnout a year, we took them out without cutting and i took her to the salon for a trim. However, nothing is absorbing in her hair and it becomes matted almost immediately. I have no idea what to do.


  • Aliciamelena87Aliciamelena87 Posts: 68Registered Users
    Have you tried (a) clarifying hair, (b) using gentle heat during deep conditioning settings to gently lift hair cuticles to temporarily increase porosity?
  • MariamCFMariamCF Posts: 68Registered Users
    Well getting a trim isn't the magic way for perfect hair too :D You could do her CG method and just quit shampoos , Use an effective conditioner like shea moisture :D buy her a leave in conditioner like kinky curly leave in conditioner and finally a gel or mousse without silicones also like herbal essences set me up extra strong . and ofcourse never comb it when its dry :) always in shower when conditoner is on her hair. hope i helped! ^_^

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