Hairstyles for a swimming class?

VoluminousGirlyVoluminousGirly Registered Users Posts: 219
I need something while not killing my hair! Should I just side braid it? Do I bring gel? It's during school first in the morning so I can't wash it out.

Also, is there a way to Change without being bare skin? I'm self conscious to do that :( thanks!
Sing with Barney tune:
Frizz loves me
I hate frizz
It sticks to me
like a kid
with some creams
and some gel
and then nothing does the trick
Please help me
My curly friends.


  • curlygirlINcurlygirlIN Registered Users Posts: 70
    I'm having similar problems! Is a swim cap an option? I usually put tons of deep conditioner in my hair before I swim (although others may end up smelling\wearing it), but I shower after I swim, so I don't know if that would work for you. As for the changing thing I don't really know...have a friend hold a towel up? Or if there's a shower curtain hide behind that? Sorry, I know this probably isn't being very helpful, but I know what you mean by not wanting to change being bare skin!!
  • Settingsun4Settingsun4 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I was on a swim team for 10+ years, so I know what you mean. You don't want to get chlorine in your hair, so I would recommend putting conditioner in it before you get in the water. You could either do that, or just thoroughly wet it with fresh water before swimming so it does not soak up the chlorine water.
    Wearing a swim cap is a good option because it will keep chlorine out of your hair, and also keep it from getting tangled. There are different kinds of swim caps. Silicone is way better than latex caps, as it is much more gentle on your hair and won't pull on it.
  • Settingsun4Settingsun4 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Or if a swim cap is not an option, I would just recommend using spin pins and putting it up in a high bun while you swim.
    And for changing, it is possible to do it without showing anything. If you take your swimsuit straps off, then wrap a towel around yourself, then you can pull your suit down while still having the towel on. Then you can put your pants and stuff on under the towel, and put your bra on over the towel and then just pull the towel down. If that makes sense

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