Humectant & dews question

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I'm kind of new to tailoring products to dews so I have a question. What does your hair do when you use humectants in low dews?

Dew points are starting to drop in NYC - 34-38 this week. Supposedly these are tricky since some people can tolerate humectants in these dews and some can't. My favorite hair gel has glycerin pretty high up on ingredients so I'm trying to see if I can keep using it.

I just want to know what I'm looking for to decide it's time to stop using glycerin products.
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  • chloe92uschloe92us Registered Users Posts: 1,203 Curl Neophyte
    If your hair doesn't agree with glycerin in particular dews, you will see frizz. Lots and lots of frizz. Lol.
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    I was wondering this same question. My hair loves glycerin in high dews, so I'm curious to know what it would do in the low.
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    Varies from person to person, they can dry the hair out by drawing water from it: this effect might be more pronounced in those with dry/ brittle or porous hair.
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    Thanks all. I'm thinking it's time to switch to a glycerin-free routine.

    Yesterday I had a LOT of frizz. Frizz is normal for me esp when I am due for PT but it was surface frizz - the hair looked moist and soft but there was a layer of frizz over the clumps. Thats not so normal.

    The other thing was the tangles. My hair does tangle easily but yesterday was something else. It was practically matted by the end of the day.

    Time for extra moisture :)
    3B curls
    Medium texture
    Normal elasticity
    High porosity

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