No second day hair for me.

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My hair type is 3A/B and I can never get second day hair! I have tried everything... Pineapples, pin-ups, all of that and I still have to re-wash every morning. And advice?


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    I'm perfectionistic about my hair, so no second day hair for me, either. I wet, use a rinse out and style every day. My fine/low porosity/low density hair takes a long time to dry. I speed up the process by using curl towels and diffusing.

    One thing you may want to do is determine your hair properties. It's the best way to choose ingredients/products. Here's a link to help Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free As you strengthen your curl pattern, you may be able to do multi day hair.
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    I never get second day hair. I hate how it looks no matter what I do. If I'm wearing it up, I can get away with just spritzing it down with a water bottle but if wearing down, I have to full wet my hair.
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    I've never been able to get second day hair until I started doing regular protein treatments. Don't know how your hair feels about protein, but that's a thought. Now I can get up in the morning, turn my head upside down and fluff and scrunch, and it look alright. Sometimes I'll spray a little bit of water on the straighter parts - that's a whole lot better than having to wait 6 hours for your whole head to dry. Some people have luck with scrunching with a wet washcloth.. still need to try that one.
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    Do you sleep on a satin pillowcase or have a sleep-cap? I pineapple my hair and put it in a breathable satin sleep-cap.

    I haven't had a problem getting second day curls, I think my biggest issue is getting frizz on the second/third days, which is weird since it seems we have similar hair types!

    I'd say it might be the gel you're using on wash days? Perhaps you need one with a stronger hold that can last you a couple of days? Or maybe you just need to apply more than you are currently?
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    I get third or fourth day hair sometimes! What works for me is bending down, tying my hair in a pineapple with a satin scrunchie, and sleeping on a satin pillow case. The next day I release my pineapple, and shake my curls for them to fall naturally. If the back of my hair has too much volume I use my satin scrunchie to tie it into a low ponytail and tame it.

    If my hair needs a little help I refresh with a water and conditioner mix in certain areas with a spray bottle and scrunch with an old t-shirt. If areas are frizzy I use a little almond oil 😊 hope I helped!
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