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Hi yall,
im newly naturally, i cut out heat and perms almost a year ago now, but big chopped just a about a month ago. So up until now i really had no clue that i didn't know how to take care of my hair. so i've been educating myself and watching videos and doing what others are doing. but it's come to my attention that im just copying, i dont know the hows and why im just following. so i was wondering if there is a set use for products like gels and creams,leave ins, and oils. I get that Oils are sealents and are better used last, but how about gels and creams? should i use them both together or is that just being wasteful? is it pointless to use a flax seed gel and oil together, do they do the same thing? Or should i only use gels to style hair.

If someone could clear things but for me, it would be really nice.~


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    I think what you need to remember is that everyone's hair is different, so some people use products in a certain order and have no luck, but someone else could use them in the same order and have fantastic success.

    With that in mind, I personally wash my hair then apply a leave-in conditioner cream, then put gel on my hair and let it dry. On second day / third day / fourth day hair, I don't reapply any gel as my curls hold quite well, but I will use a leave-in or an oil just to keep my hair moisturised.

    I think if you're using a styling cream, then don't use gel as they both do the same thing and using both might weigh down your hair. But that's just my opinion (I've never used styling creams before). The general method really is apply your moisturisers and then your stylers are the last to go on.

    Personally, I've never tried flax-seed gel, so I can't comment on that. Also, I think the order you use products and the amount of products you use depends on how dry your hair is. I don't tend to suffer much from dryness, but those that do tend to like the LOC method: LOC Method: The Routine EVERY Curly Should Know

    Hope that helps a little? This is all pretty new to me too :)
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    I think knowing your hairs properties is very helpful. Knowing the thickness of your hair stands, density (how much hair you have) and porosity will help you decide how to use products. You can figure your properties out on your own or there are companies that do it for you and recommend products for you. Live Curly Live Free and Komaza Care offer a hair analysis.

    Once you figure out your properties you'll know whether you need oil, protein, how often you need to moisturize, etc...

    For me I'm low porosity and I have super thick hair so I don't use a lot of oil, I don't use gel because it doesn't do anything for me and because my hair is so thick I don't use certain kinds of protein. So it varies based on your properties.
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    I was doing the same, until I realized that watching all those videos with all those ladies putting handfuls of product in their hair was leaving my hair totally gross. I hated it. You have to find what works for your hair, and what you like. Hair properties, like previous poster mentioned, is very important. You need to find out what your hair likes through trial and error. I've found my hair likes very simple. I low poo, put a leave in conditioner, and go! I hate the feel of styling products, it makes me wash my hair even more. I'll only use a styling product as a refresher. I used to use a leave in, oil, and cream, but found it to be way too much. My hair does better with much less product. I'm high porosity too, which doesn't make sense - Maybe it's just my own personal preference.
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    I co-sign learning your hair properties. It will help with product selections and product application. is a good source of information. You can also purchase a hair analysis there.

    In general, you apply leave in, gel or styling cream, and if necessary oil to seal. As others pointed out, what you use and how you use it varies on your hair type. If you use gel, then you don't need a styling cream and vice versa.

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