Texturizing !! please help !

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Okay so I have mostly 3c-4a hair. I honestly want to use a texturizer to loosin my 4a hair so my hair will be manageable. But i have heard that it makes your hair straight? I thought that it just loosened your curl pattern. So should I test on a small section of my hair first before I decide to do my whole head? have any of you used a texturizer for your curls? I see on youtube that their curls do loosen. ugh I don't know what to do.
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    A texturizer is just a relaxer left for a shorter period of time. Factors such as leaving it on too long can also impact the texturizer and cause it to go straight. Texturizing your hair is not an exact science. Once your hair grows, and you retouch the roots, there is no guarantee that it will match. Oh, also, there is a potential to overlap the chemical process cause there is less of a distinct difference like when you have relaxed straight hair w/ kinky roots. Personally, I would learn how to care for the 4a section of the hair that you want to texturize, but to each his own. Just make sure you're aware of the risks involved with chemical processes and you step up your game regarding moisture, protein, and hair care. However, some people have been able to texturize w/o too much breakage.

    There is a texturing forum post here w/ lots of pics. I'll bump it for you.

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