Braids vs weaves any thoughts?

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It has been a long time since I have been on the hair boards but recently I find myself without the time to do my hair. This summer I was jazzy with wash and go's but as we enter fall I find myself with wearing buns and well I am tired of the look. Yet I have no time to do anything else.

Which brings me to a dilemma and I hoping you all can give some advice. I have been thinking about either getting a weave for a few months or braids. Here is the challenge the last time I had braids (and it has been a VERY long time) a lot of my hair broke off. Yet I was thinking if maybe I get fluffy twists, box braids...would love the baby curl twists but who has time and money to go to Brooklyn for that??

Then with the weave there are so many kinds, interlocking with or without cornrows then a sew idea which is better or worse for natural hair.

A little about my hair is an even 12 inches all the way around so it is about APL. Some 3c in the front 4b in the middle and 4a at the base or back of my head. My hair strands are actually thin or fine but I make up for it in mass.

If anyone has any advice or thoughts I would be truly greatful oh and if you live in the DMV and know good stylist that too would be appreciated.

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    If you're willing to come to Richmond I would recommend B.A.D braids and dreads. They do any style of braid and dread at a reasonable price. They also do sew in but only use 4 grade hair so no straight styles. If you want straight hair weave my friend does all types of weaves on all hair types. She is also in Richmond. Message me for her number and B.A.D has a website.
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    Thanks nu_natural10 but I am actually just trying to figure out if one is better than the other.
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    I don't think one is better than the other, it just depends on what you're looking for. Either style could be low maintenance. For me, weaves are easier since washing my scalp weekly forces me to redo my braids weekly or biweekly. However,I prefer braids because they are more economical and I feel more comfortable wearing them. Maybe your hair broke off with braids because your stylist used too much hair? Perhaps you could solve this by learning to do your own braids. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. I think it would be better to start with that since braiding hair is cheaper. But, if you lack time, weaving is much faster.

    Braiding pros:
    • usually allow you better access to you're scalp,
    • more styling options,
    • cheaper and easier to DIY,
    • cheaper hair,
    • can keep it in for as long as you want by redoing sections weekly or monthly to keep it fresh
    • will usually need to redo the perimeter after a month or so,
    • take a longer time to install and take down,
    • stylist might use too much hair on edges that could cause hair loss,
    • take forever to dry
    Sew in pros:
    • can experiment with a different color, cut, texture,
    • shorter install and take down,
    • does not require retouch as quickly,
    • completely hides all of your hair (if you want it to)
    • Lack easy access to hair and scalp,
    • can cause hair to mat if left in too long,
    • expensive hair (in comparison to braid s)
    • stylist might cornrow too tight,
    • may require a flat iron to keep it fresh

    This has been my experience, but hopefully others will chime in. There are tutorials on YouTube for how to install either style on your own. You can also search the web for tips on taking care of either style. Lastly, another suggestion would be to consider simplifying your regimen if though would rather not rely on fake hair.

    Hope that helps
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    I have twist in. they are amazing! But sew ins are great too. Also another protective style I do is half wigs. I find that they are very cute and if you want you can even sew a few parts if you cornrow ur hair. Nd you leave hair out. I would say go with which one is better nd like the most. But also make sure that you take care of your hair under it

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