PT How Long?

JAJameson2010JAJameson2010 Posts: 123Registered Users
How long should I leave my protein treatment in for it to be effective? I've been trying to leave it in until it dries and hardens, but I don't always have that much spare time.

I use jello and yogurt microwaved for about 10 seconds then mixed if that matters...


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    I leave mine in for only like 15 mins. I think it depends on your hair.
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  • JAJameson2010JAJameson2010 Posts: 123Registered Users
    Wow! Well I've been leaving it on for hours! I'll shorten the time and see if it still has the same affect. Thanks for the tip!
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    As I understand it, hair will absorb the maximum amount of protein it can, and once it's "full", leaving a pt on longer won't give any better results than a shorter time would. Length of time to pt definitely does depend on the hair. Some only leave it on a few minutes, others can do a very strong pt and leave it on for an hour or more.

    I use IAGirl's gelatin pt, apply, baggie, add a towel or t-shirt turban, and leave it in for 30 minutes. A towel or t-shirt seems to keep enough body heat in to enhance absorption for me.
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    I've got hair like cobwebs, and 2-3 minutes is plenty when I use IAgirl's Gelatin Protein Treatment.

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