At home relaxer?

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I want to keep my 3a curls but just calm them down a little. Basically the frizz is what I want to calm down and not have my hair be poofy by the end of the day. Would I use a relaxer if I want to really keep the curl? Should I just leave it on for less time? Please let me know what you think.


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    I'm a 3b/c combination. I use Just for Me texturizer and leave it on for only about 3 minutes (4 mintues to apply and then 3 on). It helps me make the 3c more of a 3b. I have used similar stuff off and on for over 25 years, but you really want to be careful.

    The other thing you probably want to try first are different products. Ouidad makes a gel that conquers humidity that might work better for you.

    Also, Try a little more product than you normally use and don't touch your hair until it's completely dry! then scrunch it a bit. Maybe a leave in condition? 3a is a fabulous hair type and you should be able to find some products that calm it down and make your hair look great for a couple of days. Check the 3a forum on this site.
    3B, with some 3C
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    Cant using products like conditioner,gel, or oil calm the frizz down?

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