Need help with type of hair!!!

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Since I was a little girl I've always wear my hair curly. No relaxers, no type of heat in my hair. But been dying my hair since I was 5. And always thought my hair was 3c with a little 3b. Last April I went for my birthday to a pool that had been clean the day before and the Clorox changed my hair color to GREEN! My hair by that time was around an inch after my waist curly. I had to do the BG. On May 3rd 2013 and decided to let it grow my natural color. Still have like and inch of blonde hair that I'm planning on cutting at the 1 year anniversary. Since my hair is growing on its natural color the hair pattern look totally different of what I had before. Don't know what's my hair type anymore :( . Hopefully you can help me!!! Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day :) ~ Heaven


Heaven Leigh Méndez


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    I'd still say 3B/C

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    Thanks a lot!!!! Well I just notice that my new hair growth ( dark brown) are looking very tight than the usual. Last time I had my hair my natural color I was around 11 or 12
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    Lol thats a long time! Well the roots are sometimes tighter while the ends are looser from the hair weighing it self down.

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