I'm hosting a Candle Lite party, any ideas for snacks?

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Hey everyone, I'm hosting a Candle Lite party and need to make some snacks/treats for the guests. There may be around 40+ people there. :shock:

My roommate has some dip packet things I am going to make and I am going to try those EZ Cookies from this forum...but do you know any other little finger food things that are easy, cheap and tasty?


PS I don't have a big crock pot, so food that needs to stay warm is out.
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    antipasti. save extra $ by roasting your own veggies. Try artichokes, portabella mushrooms, peppers, vidalia onions. Or you can sautee the veggies in extra virgin olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar.
    tomato basil fresh mozzerella on plates arranged really pretty
    boboli or herbed foccacia sliced into strips (store bought)
    artichoke spinach dip (see foodtv or epicurious.com)
    chocolate dipped fruit and fresh fruit sliced.
    salad of wilted white beans and baby spinach and shallots. drizzle extra virgin olive oil and a bit of champaigne vinegar. salt pepper and fresh thyme to taste.
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    thank you for your suggestions! they are all awesome and tasty! :D i ended up making some spinach and herb dip (a couple other dips too) and for the sweet tooth i made those EZ Cookies that are on this forum. they were all a hit! everyone RAVED about the dips and the cookies were almost all gone by the end of the night.

    my friend brought a few other things too, it was a really nice time! i am going to keep your list of ideas for future parties that we have, thanks again!
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