Heat Damage :(

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Hello all,
I started my natural hair journey 16 months ago and my transition from relaxed hair to natural hair happened fairly quickly. After about 4 months of being completely natural I decided to flat iron my hair for my graduation. After about a week, I decided to wash my hair. When i looked in the mirror, one half of my hair was curly and the other half was pin straight. It has been 3 months since the hair straightening incident and my one half of my hair is still pin straight with some new growth. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of the heat damage or will I have to start my hair journey all over? Help please!:sad5:


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    I had the same issue with graduation & since then I haven't gone to the salon! They always cause extreme heat damage. The lower half of my hair is looser but deep conditioning them is helping.

    Eventually you will have to cut your straight ends off. You can do it little by little to compromise length. But don't be too surprised to see straight sections breaking off.

    Are you sure its heat damage, could it be left over relaxed ends? After you transitioned, did you cut off all the relaxed sections??

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    yes this happened to me too . Well here's the method i used :D at first your best friend should be braid or putting two hairs on each other . Well when you put your conditioner on after u comb ur hair braid ur hair and even when u deep condition after u put deep conditioning braid your hair too (but into a lot of sections) and don't put plenty of products on your straight side . if you put very very much product . it helps in making it straight a little bit . alsoo deep condition once a week and i hope i helped! (sorry if my answer was too late)

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