Catastrophic SheaMoisture souffle FAIL

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:dontknow:I just tried THREE TIMES to use the Shea Moisture Curl Souffle & Curl Smoothie. First I gave my hair a steam treatment, then tried putting my hair in twists using the smoothie over the soufflé .I'd heard a lot of mixed "love it hate it" reviews but decided to try anyway. It didn't really feel right, didn't seem to penetrate my hair & took forever to start to dry but when it was just a little damp I put on a scarf & went to bed.. Next day the twists were shrunken & dry with a little greasy feel. Washed it all out, looked at more youtube videos & many had great results from mixing the soufflé with the smoothie. Tried that & when I took the dried twists out & tried to fluff, I wound up with a horrible mass of frizzy crispy feeling dry greasy hair. I'd even done one part of my head with the smoothie & soufflé, another part with the yucca baobab with smoothie on top & a section where the soufflé was under the smoothie. IT WAS ALL A CATASTROPHIC MESS like my hair had actually changed it's DNA ! This morning washed it all out with the SM Purification Masque (GREAT STUFF) & was about to try again but decided ,after washing it out, that I'd just forget it & put Kimmaytube's leave in, KinkyCurly, & SM Curl milk . Beautiful soft little curls. Now I'd heard that you only use a very little soufflé & that it should be very wet.I have a whole jar of the soufflé & an almost full jar of smoothie. The smoothie is "iffy" on my hair & I only had one twist out look "not bad" using it & that only lasted a few hours. It just doesn't seem to penetrate my hair & neither does the soufflé.Seem to act like buildup. I get great results using the smoothie or the Curl /style milk over Kinky Curly. Neither one gives me ANY curl definition at all & when they dry the twists are shrunken & feel like coated with dry buildup. Not moisturized at all.
Anyone out there have any tips that worked with the soufflé or smoothie after a fail? I'd hate to toss the soufflé,but it really can't hold a candle to the wonderful KCCC . My hair is soft, fine, 4a with maybe some b, & all of it is various sized penspring S curls. No Z strands anywhere. .
Hair type 4 "mystery":dontknow:
Fine,soft hair with little penspring curls of different sizes. Small patch of wavy hair at center of my nape. Did BC in 2009 after 28yrs of curly perms.
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    Hey I'm sorry about your hair :(

    I'm one of those people that didn't care too much for the souffle initially and then grew to love it. The first time it was used in my hair I was in the Caribbean (in SUMMER no less) and it felt too heavy at first (I think I have low porosity, thick strands and I guess I'm 4b/c). But once I stopped putting too much on, my hair responded EXTREMELY well, and looked and felt the best it had in YEARS.

    Re twistouts: I've never tried putting the smoothie over it...but doing a little of the smoothie, letting it absorb, and then twisting with the souffle worked for me. I've tried it not only in the Caribbean but also here in the extremely dry Canadian Prairies where I live...and both times it's worked (particularly in Canada...I just did let out my twists this week and the definition was the best I'd seen, better than when I try Eco Styler). In that instance, I actually let my hair dry a little before using the souffle to twist, and then in the takedown (a week later) I used only a little to undo them (which I probably didn't need to use, in retrospect).

    I have a feeling that they mean business when they say to use the Souffle on essentially product free hair. That ingredient list is SERIOUS: coconut oil, flaxseed gel, agave nectar (a craazy humectant), shea WONDER it's so heavy! The best results I got with it was when I used it with just water and maybe a bit of a leave-in. Of course that was in the there's that.

    Anyways, the whole point of my long ramble (sorry bout that) is that more is less when it comes to the souffle, and the smoothie as well. Maybe you can try using less next time? Or if it really isn't for you, stick with KCCC, which is also really good, and possibly lighter on your strands. Based on your description, my sister has hair similar to yours, and prefers that.

    Here's another discussion on this:

    Hope that helps even a little bit.
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    Agree with above have to use VERY little of the souffle....I don't really use the smoothie anymore. Now the souffle only has a light hold since it is supposed to leave you with body. If you need more definition use a leave in that has defining properties. But you only need the tiniest amount of souffle. Sorry this is extra all over the place.


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