Good shampoo for 4C hair?

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What are some good shampoos for 4C hair?
I have kinky cooly 4C hair. It's the same texture as erykah badu, and it's a medium size afro. It comes to an inch past my collar bone when straightened.

What are some good shampoos for 4C hair? My hair tends to get dry easily.
So I need a shampoo that cleans my hair, but also moisturizers it.


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    you should prepoo before shampooing your hair; if you don't know about prepooing, then look it up on youtube and maybe there are articles on here.

    as far as moisturizing shampoo's, i like shea moisture's moisture rentention shampoo and maybe tresseme's naturals mositure shampoo. usually people would recommend buying shampoo with no sulfates since it strips oils from your hair, but i think you would be fine washing with shampoo that has sulfates as long as you prepoo.
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    Thankyou! I'll definitely check out what prepoo means
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    Lizgrowth wrote: »
    Thankyou! I'll definitely check out what prepoo means

    you should also co-wash (washing with conditioner) as well when you want moisture. sealing with an oil or butter should help too.
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    What do you mean by sealing it?
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    :smile: Hi!

    I was saying the very same things a few yrs back, and in a small time I was able to fix something I'd been trying to figure out for forever. I'd like to post my current regimen and a side thought or two in hopes that you'll somehow benefit from my time of browsing forums and yt channels and compiling stuff. Take from it what you can (or choose to).

    Sorry in advance if it's too much to read.


    Once a week, I wash and style.

    I section my hair in about 10 twists and spray with a water bottle filled with 1 part aloe vera juice and 2 parts water (if you have a little $ or these ingredients at home then you can try this growth elixir spray here -- I know it says 'growth' elixir but it somehow helps with moisture too I detangle each section, and apply Terressentials Mud wash Lavender or Lemon (Naptural85 shows you how to do this here - - try to really tune in to what she is saying and how she applies it. & Yeah $20 is pricey for mud wash but if you do it like how she is saying once a week or two weeks, the bottle can easily last you 2 to 3 months, and longer for the $30 bottle -- I spent way more $ on Shea Moisture in a shorter time ). Anyway, I apply it exactly how she did, and leave it on my hair for about 30 minutes to an hour, doing other house activities.

    When i rinse it out, I apply a tiny bit of leave in like Giovanni Direct leave in to my damp hair (not soaking wet). This helps make the hair easier to style / manage / detangle. Then I break out the Curlformers and apply them with the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle Gel, remisting with the aloe vera juice / water mix if needed. I remove the curlers the next morning, and dry two-strand twist each curled piece. The gel that I applied when putting in the curlers makes my hair very moisturized and it stays that way for about three days when I do exactly everything I typed so far. Right now I'm not into all that daily styling, so I leave in my twists until the next wash (which is what these people are now calling 'protective styling' lol)

    So, I go about my business. On night 3, I can notice my hair beginning to dry out so I lightly spray the same mixture of aloe vera juice and water in my hair and put a plastic cap, then a satin bonnet, then a beanie before going to rest. Some people put oils in their hair, I don't do all of that (this is called the 'greenhouse effect' or water bagging, found here -

    & That's about it! I've been doing this for about 3 months now and my hair has never been so moisturized or healthy or truly clean in my life! My ends are no longer dry and splitting. Also, my life has been made much simpler and I don't have to obsess over what product to use, what to do, blah blah blah... and my hair has finally retained all its length and has moved from my chin to my shoulders in such short time!


    And now, a few side tips:

    - Because of our hair type, I only finger detangle (like this and occasionally use my modified denman d3.
    - As you can see, with this terressentials mud wash I do not need to deep condition or protein treat. The greenhouse method and the curlformers to stretch my hair make all the difference. This is just me, and you may be different. If I feel I need extra protein, I reach for ApHogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor once monthly.
    - Also, I don't care for hair typing because it mas made my life a miserable hell in the early years (like, in the early 2000's when there was really only type 4a and type 4b hair, and barely anyone was even talking about type 4c hair) but for what it is worth, before doing this stuff I typed, my hair looked like what people now say is 4c (a very dry, parched 4c despite doing everything and every trend that everyone else was doing), and after these three months of continuous moisture and gentle stretching with the curlformers I guess people would say it has a clear curl pattern and looks more like pure 4a. So it is possible for your hair to come to life and for you to see your true hair and texture with all that moisture, and have it look somewhat different. I'm just gonna stop speaking here on that topic.

    All in all, I know your frustration if you are frustrated, I have looked at just about every single youtube video over these last 4 years, I have aggravated a number of people in my life over failed attempts to make things right and finally I'm just now learning to slow it down, not jump on every bandwagon and really really listen to myself and my hair and body and see what works for me (a lot of gals can be seen giving this helpful tip on this forum).

    It is my hope that someone will benefit from at least one thing I've said. Enjoy your week and happy hair!! :)
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    Thankyou soooooo much!!!!!
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    :occasion9: Edited; response to wrong post.

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