Any way to get my curl pattern back?

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I started straightening my hair in sixth grade up and sort of stopped last year (ninth grade). Between that time, I'd say that I'd probably straighten my hair twice or even just once a month, and I also had it relaxed in sixth grade. I never really took note of my curly hair.
In the middle of last year, I decided to wear my hair naturally. One side was quite curly while the other was wavy/straight. After that, I probably straightened my hair only once or twice, and now I wear my curly hair a lot. Now it just seems like it is just one section that is wavy/curly, instead of a whole section.
Is there any way that I can get it to be curly? I've considered cutting my hair really short, but then I would probably just straighten it a lot more. It doesn't really bother me much, because I somehow still get compliments on my hair, but the curly side tends to shrink while the wavy/straight side looks longer.
If this is because of heat damage, I can't really see how. My sister straightens her hair every week and her curl pattern is the same throughout and even remains curly after she combs it, while mine just turns into a big mess of frizz.


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    Heat damage affects different heads in different ways, depends on the initial strength of your hair, the temperature you use, how dry your hair is (must be bone dry or risk 'bubble hair'), how slow your passes, what protection you use and many other factors. Irreparable damage can be done in just one session.

    Might be worth considering a curly specialist haircut. Otherwise just be kind to your hair with plenty of conditioning, some hydrolysed protein if you don't have coarse hair, perhaps coconut oil and grow out the damage.
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