Deep Steep anyone?

abstractcurlsabstractcurls Registered Users Posts: 380
I've been eyeballing this company for awhile and was really excited to see they came out with a hair care line... and as a happy added bonus their model is a curly :blob4:

deep steep - Bath and Body Care Products

I'm ordering the Weightless Moisture and Glossy Smoothing conditioners. I will report back once I've tried them. I guess it should also be noted they are CG friendly.


  • abstractcurlsabstractcurls Registered Users Posts: 380
    So I tried the glossy smoothing and I gotta say it does what it says. I had almost no frizz. My hair is shiny and soft. I used a gel that I don't even really like all that much and it still turn out good. I don't think my definition was lacking. The smell it a pleasant white tea/clean smell and it isn't overwhelming to me. Overall it's a good start. I will report back when I get a chance to use the Weightless Moisture one. Pics coming too :thumright:
  • abstractcurlsabstractcurls Registered Users Posts: 380
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    I just found the smoothing shampoo and conditioner at Marshall's,going to give it a try tomorrow.
    2/C -3A I think ???
    No clue what type of hair I have. Waiting on hair analysis results.

    Low-poo : Giovanni TTTT
    Co-wash : Vo5 Herbal Escapes
    RO : GVP Conditioning Balm , Vo5 Herbal Escapes
    Leave in : Vo5 Herbal Escapes
    Styler : SM Curling Gel Souffle, Aquage Defining Gel (not CG)
    PT : GVP K-Pak
    DT : GVP Conditioning Balm

    New to all this, trying to find the best products for me. Soo confusing, soo many products and soo little time :tweety:

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