How to care for hair when you extensions or weave


So I went on YouTube and saw some tutorials for Havana twists and Marley twists on short natural hair. I finally found a technique that doesn't look too complicated. I want to try it out in November when it's been 3 months since my close crop and little bit more hair so I can do them slightly bigger. Anyway, I have not had any fake hair in a looooooooooooong ass time. I had braid extensions as a kid during the 90s, and one time in 2008 I kept a weave in for 24 hours. I have no idea how to care for hair under extensions. Ideally, I like to keep the hair in for 2 weeks, have a week with hair out, and then two weeks with in again. I am so used to wetting my hair daily and applying olive oil to seal the moisture. Plus usually twice a week I co-wash, apply leave in, and do shea butter. I think I can go the two weeks w/o a wash co-wash (maybe), but how do I re-moisturize? Anyone have tips for caring for hair under extensions?


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    Sorry I have no real advice. I haven't worn braids in 20 plus years. I wore weave one time and took it out in three days because of the itchies and said never again.

    I've been looking for youtube videos on how people care for and cleanse their hair and scalp under sewins because I'm curious. Recently, a stylist told me depending on whether you get a weave cap or not largely decides how to care for it. She said without the cap you can cleanse yourself but if you get the cap you need a pro to clean you hair. For the braids, I see no reason you couldn't lightly spritz the roots maybe every other day. I don't think two weeks would make it super frizy especially if you used a good holding gel to put them in. But again, I'm no expert.
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    I wear braids regularly as a protective style for 5-8 weeks at a time, leave my hair out for a few days or weeks and braid up for another 5-8 weeks. How I care for my braids largely depends on how long I have em in for.

    I use braid spray on my roots, dividing my hair in sections and spray along the length of my hair. If you're not a fan, witch hazel is a gentle cleansing agent that will refresh your scalp just as well. Then i oil my roots, usually with grapeseed oil but lately it's coconut oil. i make sure to massage my roots. If I see a lot a fly away hair I may rebraid w/a moisturizer. Then I cover w/a braiding cap at night. Every 3 days I use a dry shampoo to cleanse my scalp as my routine's first step.

    Once when I had my braids in for almost 3 months I used diluted shampoo & conditioner every 2 weeks for washing. To moisturize I did the same routine as above, but would fix almost every braid.

    I always retain length this way, especially with the scalp massaging. About 3/4 inches every 6 weeks.
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    I don't put anything on my scalp, as my scalp produces enough sebum to keep it from being dry. Also, I put anything on my scalp it becomes itches and produces flakes. I used to be hard core dax on my scalp when i relaxed, and shea butter or jojoba oil when natural, but I weaned myself off putting anything on my scalp and my scalp loves me now. My main concern is how I keep the rest of the strand (non-roots) moisturized? Will a good moisturizing spritz effective moiturize shaft and ends (or maybe it will be too covered by the twits?)? Man, I'm feeling like I should probably just wear a wig.

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