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Better second day hair technique

waymire01waymire01 Posts: 117Registered Users Curl Neophyte
I apologize in advance if someone has already figured it out and "named" it something.. but I stumbled upon it today and thought it might help someone.

My hair: 3a, porous, very fine.

What I use to refresh: a spray bottle with 1/4 avg and the rest water.

What I usually do: flip my head upside down and spray/scrunch until damp, air dry. This refreshes the curl and gives me shape but I have frizz throughout, broken apart curls, and uneven dampness. It's also drippy.

What I did different: I sectioned my hair like I was going to curl or straighten it. Mine is two sections on top on either side of my part, two in the back, one on each side, and one for my bangs.Twisted each section up and clipped so it was out of the way. Starting at the bottom and working up I took a small section of hair (this would depend on your thickness I think, mine is fine and my sections were about 1"x2"). Starting at the roots I wrapped the section around my finger, slid it off and held the still curled up hair in my hand next to my scalp. I sprayed one spray into my hand and squished the hair until it no longer made a "squishy" sound, then sprayed again and repeated until it was saturated. I'm not sure how to explain "saturated" but there was a change in the sound and it felt different. Important that you work each spray one at a time, does not work if you spray a bunch at once, the water just runs out instead of getting squished in. I then let the hair go and it formed a perfect ringlet curl. I did this to my entire head, took about 15-20 minutes. No dripping and it didn't feel soggy wet, I think it's because right next to the scalp was dry. Let air dry, took about an hour. Flipped it over and gave it a light shake to break it up a little, but I think you could leave it alone as well if you want very defined curls, it didn't go anywhere while it was air drying. I had next to no frizz (the slightest bit on the crown), and very defined curls all day. Went out to my barn twice in the heat and humidity for over an hour each time (and it was quite windy today as well) did a bunch of housework, and had a major catastrophe when our water hose to the washer burst and flooded two rooms of our house, and my hair still looks good!

Of course YMMV and those with coarse hair will probably want to use a harder gel or whatever they normally like for their hair. Hope it helps someone.
3A, fine, porous, colored, protein sensitive
Buildup/breakout with: butters, coconut/argan oil, polyquats.
Poo:SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo
RO/CoW/DT/LI: TRESemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner

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