Going lighter with John Frieda foam color

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So I'd like to dye my hair soon from dark to medium reddish brown. I want to skip the bleaching tho and maybe try a blonde foam color to achieve the brown. I've seen some people on YouTube achieve a nice brown from using blonde dye. Has anyone here ever tried it?


  • riccicapricciriccicapricci Registered Users Posts: 43
    I'm pretty sure in every developer of a dye there is bleah! peroxide is in every dye...

    and the developer of the dye have also 20, 40 % volume of peroxide... so it's not far from a bleach.

    the amount of peroxide depend on what color you want to achieve and how many levels you have to lift: in your case, a dye or a bleach make no difference since you have to go really light with a dye to be able not to use a bleach!
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