Shampoo-less in Belgium

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Is there anyone following the shampoo-less routine (from Lorraine Massey) anywhere in Belgium? If there is someone, where did you find a hairdresser who respects your hair? And in the Netherlands (about the routine and the hairdresser)?
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    Hi there. I have stopped going to the haridressers. too much money. I am my own hairdresser now and only use natural products which I purchase from the products i have tried till now really worked for me.
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    What kind of hair do you have?
    I just ordered jojob jelly but it takes forever to arrive.

    I am still experimenting to find the right products. I have 3B hair, quite fine and not so easy to manage but I don't give up! :wink:
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  • faryellefaryelle Registered Users Posts: 21
    I had mine within 3 days after I made payment.when did you order?
    I still like it but I am also experimenting with some home made. I have to admit, did not develop something yet that I can keep using, but I'mm getting there :):)
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    It was normally sent on the 31st of March so I should receive it within the week!
    You make your own products! Wouaaah! I am too lazy for it.

    Don't you use anything from shops?
    How did you like jojoba jelly?

    Did you ever try Jessicurl or Oyin?
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