My Frustrations. 4a+Low Porosity+Super Dense

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I'm a 3c-4a majority curly, with lots of strands, and super low porosity hair. It takes products forever to penetrate my hair, it responds negatively to things like coconut oil, shea butter and mineral oil itches my scalp.

I'm a 20 something busy college student, that my hair routine needs to fall into some consistent routine. \

I've been natural since Feb 2011, transitioned for a month and then got tired of it, so I cut everything off. Last year I had a mow hawk so my sides are a little shorter and everything is kind of in a mullet like state. Soooo twistouts and braidouts look horrendous unless on fully stretched hair.

I need a night time routine that doesnt require me to rewet my hair every morning and wait for it to dry before my 7:30 class. Pineappling works only sometimes... my middle section tends to shrink.

I am also in need of a styler that doesnt start flaking within a couple of hours.

Currently using:
Shea Moisture's Clarifying African Black Soap Shampoo (Love)
Hello Hydration Conditioner - Herbal Essence (Good for the budget)
Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner - (Good for the budget)
Deva Chan One Condition (Leave in/Rinse Out, Super Expensive)
Taaliah Wajid Curl Sealer - (Doesn't flake but does a weird texturing effect after 3rd day)
Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls - (Flakes after 2nd Day, but great definition)

Any product Suggestions, night time suggestions?
No coconut oil or shea or aloe (high in content) please
You can call me Ant by the way ! Thanks everyone who stuck through with this long post!


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    Heat helps open cuticles. Hot oil treatments with EVOO before shampooing help me a lot. Also when cowashing you can let the warm water run over your head a few minutes before starting.

    Love your pics.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    adthomas wrote: »
    Heat helps open cuticles. Hot oil treatments with EVOO before shampooing help me a lot. Also when cowashing you can let the warm water run over your head a few minutes before starting.

    Love your pics.

    I will try the hot oil treatments. Usually I do the warm water rinse before cowashing and it still seems like it doesnt absorb enough product.

    What Leave in conditioners do you use?

    Thanks so much for the compliment & the reply back!
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    I pretty much use the old kimmaytube recipe but usually with Tresemme Naturals or TJ nourish and Spa instead of KT which is expensive.. My experience with lopo is it matters more how I use than what I use. Applying to soakng wet hair means little absorbtion.If product directions say that I usually ignore or don't buy it. Although I think dyeing with henna has helped raise my porosiy slightly I get excess water out of my hair by blotting before applying my leave in. I always had a terrible time layering products but when I started giving my hair 5 to 10 minutes to soak in li before applying next product my hair did much better. Most of the year I use conditioner and oil only styling so that helps me have less that needs to absorb.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    wow your hair looks like mine when wet, I have the same exact problems. adthomas gave you the same advice I would, dye has always help me (no amonia) plus I have to either us a plastic cap for a half hour or a hair dryer bonnet to condition my hair.

    The longer you go between washing the harder it will be to manage your hair and keep it conditioned (because of the need for body/hair dryer heat) try at least twice a week to avoid dryness and tangles from a lot of shed hairs. Keep the products simple, Vo5, Suave, Tressame ect and light oil and try to stir clear of butters unless you are going to wash your hair in the next day or so. HTH
    Low Porosity 3c/4a hair, natural for the second time since Feb 2011. Shea Butter (of any kind) is not my friend :cwm10: :laughing9:
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    Wow! This is unbelievable!
    Hair Background: I have been looking for someone with my hair type to empathize with: 4a, thick and dense, low porous, and hates thick creams like shea butter or mayonnaise. I started late 2011 and BCed May 2012 after being frustrated with the two different textures.

    Busy College Student Routine:I was also looking for a way to limit water on my head. I used to detangle with the shower running on my head every night. Recently, I just lightly spray each section with water (enough to make my hair at least a little flexible and limit thickness).

    I make at least 5 big twist held down with a pin and where a satin scarf. (sometimes I put in leave-in and oil up at night, sometimes in the morning)

    In the morning I carefully remove the pin and untwist. I wet hair, usually using a spray bottle (not soaking wet).

    (lately I find my ends not curling up so I concentrate Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly at the ends...makes my hair soft, while defining the curl; I also use it to lay down my sides when I brush it in a hawk)

    Biweekly I deep condition with plain yogurt but it is getting immune to it so I will try to the Cherry Lola method with yogurt and Bragg's Liquid Aminos (since my hair actually doesn't like egg or honey)

    P.S. I don't really use products in the bottle:

    Other ingredients:

    Clarifying wash: Baking Soda, Water, mixed with a little of your choice shampoo

    Weekly Wash: Liquid Black Soap or Aubrey Organics White Camellia Shampoo.

    Conditioner: mix of Giovanni Direct Leave-in, liquid coconut and/or camellia oil, and a little Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly

    Deep Conditioner: Dannon plain yogurt (I should try Greek); Cheery Lola: yogurt, liquid amino, baking soda (makes hair more porous)
    put shower cap on and cover with a wrapped shirt to add heat. LP hair needs heat!

    Heated oil washes every once in a while

    Air dry

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    Just a note about the pineapple. You don't have to try to pull it up all the way at the top of your head. When my hair was shorter I did a low ponytail. As it grows I am slowly moving the ponytail up, if that makes sense. For my length now the high pineapple pulls out the curls that keep my shape too much (kind of like an a-line bob) and the middle would be jacked. I actually pull it up further back, so it's a really high ponytail but not as high. Works much better. Take down in the a.m shake fluff and go.

    p.s. Remember that hair that is properly moisturized will spring back from the pineapple better.
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