does anyone else have this problem?

After cowashing and thoroughly rinsing, i add some more conditioner to my soaking wet hair and, leave it in this time (as many people do). after that, without wringing out my hair at all, i add my gel, but sometimes, this mixture forms little white balls all over my head, making it look like i have extremely bad dandruff. So what i want to know is why does my conditioner mixed with my gel sometimes form little white bits that i have to rinse out, and other times work just fine? the conditioner i use is GF Sleek and Shine, and the conditioner is Dippity Doo #9


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    This has never happened to me personally but chemistry is a wonderful thing isn't it? It could be the combo of the gel/condish so I would try to sub one out and see if it happens again.
    I have had some random combos make my hair "stiff" kinda like when I was a kid and swam in a pool for too long w/out washing my hair. Know what I mean?
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    I had the same problem with ORS Lock & Twist gel, leaving Vo5 conditioner in. So maybe it is the gel, thats what I blame.
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    I don't know why it doesn't do it all the time but I get some weirdness if I leave in some conditioners and then put on the gel. Little globs of whitish goo. By the time my hair is dry though they're gone I guess because I don't see them anymore.
    I've heard if you mix in your hand some conditioners and gels they curdle so maybe it's like that same effect
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    Ugh--- I hate when that happens! :twisted: Usually, when I towel/tshirt dry, the excess product gets absorbed & the little balls go away. Don't know why it happens sometimes & not others-sorry!

    You mentioned you use GF SnS & it reminded me that I have a spray bottle of water & gel that turned into a curdled mess when I added SnS leave in. Weird.
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    yes, this has happened to me before. I think its because of the combo. Some products just don't mix well together.
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    This has happened to me before. I noticed that it was because I still had some conditioner on my hands when I put gel on them. To prevent this, I washed my hands after applying my leave-in and made sure it was thoroughly scrunched in before applying my gel. BTW, this happened using products from the same line that are supposed to be complimentary to each other. :wink:
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    thanks for all the feedback guys! You're awesome :D
    I have come to the conclusion that because i've been on CG for awhile my hair is now helthy enough that i don't actually need to use gel. i can just leave in some conditioner and i'm good to go. My hair is SO MUCH HEALTHIER than it was six months ago!

    Thanks again for you opinions!
    Zoe :wink: