Bunning & breakage for growth

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My 3b, medium, high porosity hair is currently arm pit length & I'm aiming to grow it to mbl or wl. I'm in an awkward stage because I am natural & I've got many tips to bun which gets you over the apl hump to bsl & beyond. I know that always bunning causes breakage & of course I don't want that. Any tips to prevent breakage while still bunning? :-) any tips are welcome!

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    Learn different types of bun, don't pull tight, twist different ways each time, use gentle secures like Spin Pins.
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    I do that already, so much breakage shouldn't occur?

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    Try French braiding. Ive experienced less breakage yet I still bun :/

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    I think braids are less damaging. And its not even the buns that damage. Its securing them...
    I bet people's hair wasn't as damaged before hair ties, bobbies, headbands,clips etc. Were invented.
    They crease your hair and snag. When you tie your hair I'd reccomend soaking it in olive oil or something and then securing loosely. I probably sound crazy but your post made me really think about it. Heat and then there's protective styling that's counterproductive. I think we'll juat have to get creative lol

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    I sock bun with a micro fiber sock. I always put it in fairly loose as I HATE the feeling of my hair being pulled back tight. It hasn't caused me any damage.
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