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So I'm a 16 year old with 3A hair. I've never really used any products in my hair before, because I've never seen the need to. However, lately my hair has been becoming more and more unmanageable, and I have no idea what to do with it! I've looked through articles, but it's rather overwhelming for someone just starting to really do something with her hair. Does anyone have any suggestions on products/techniques for a busy, sporty, and relatively broke teen girl?


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    i would start with reading --

    -- the "newbie" threads on this site are helpful

    -- website had lots of info. click on "hair basics" along that top menu and it's an easy read.

    -- also the Curly Girl book, 2009 edition, by Lorraine Massey is a fun, informative read. you can get it from the library. or on amazon, etc. it's a paperback and not expensive.

    til you learn more and understand your hair better, you could start just using a gel. an inexpensive one that lots of us use is LA Looks Sports Gel. i really big bottle is like $3, $4. i will add that gels can be drying over time, so it would be good to learn about and use leave in conditioners under the gel.

    it would be good to do a search on here for some inexpensive brands so you can stop using sulfates and cones. i don't keep up with them as they are always changing formulas, but i think brands like tressemme, garnier fructis, shea moisture might be some to start with. i think there is a thread called drugstore brands. ???

    others on this board will have more info.

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    Have you read the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey? I got it a couple of days ago for a couple of pound on Amazon. It's pretty handy and has everything you need in it (different pages for washing/styling/managing different different curl types).

    Basically though, here are some key things I've really found helped:
    No sulfates - buy a sulfate-free shampoo or you can co-wash.
    Don't comb your hair unless it's slathered in conditioner (or don't comb it at all - try finger-detangling when the conditioner is in. That's what I do!).
    Pre-poo with a good oil before you wash (coconut is best - leave this in for as long as possible).
    Only shampoo your roots and scalp and not your dry ends (these will get washed anyway when the shampoo runs down from your scalp).
    Do a deep conditioning treatment once per week.
    Don't wash your hair everyday.

    For styling, I scrunch the ends of my soaking wet hair with a microfibre towel so it's not absolutely dripping wet.
    Then I apply a generous handful of gel all over and scrunch (you should hear a squelching sound). Smooth down the top layer of your hair with the gel left on your hands (just lightly). If you see any bits of hair that aren't clumping brilliantly, just rake your fingers through them, twist them around your finger, shake, then let them drop.
    Once you've arranged your hair how you want leave it. Don't touch it at all during the drying process!
    Once it's dry it will have a 'gel cast' - meaning it will be hard/crunchy and over-defined. Just scrunch your hair with your hands and this cast will disappear ('scrunch out the crunch'), leaving you with lovely frizz-free & defined curls.
    If you don't want to wait for your hair to dry you can also diffuse it using the pixie curl method.

    Try pineappleing your hair at night and sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase to ensure good second hair :)

    Hope some of that helps!
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