Post Flat Ironing Tips?

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:flower:Hey Everybody!

I just flat ironed my hair yesterday to get a trim and I'm a little nervous that the next time I wash it it won't revert back to my curly hair. Do you guys have any post flat iron tips that will help me transition back to my curls?

Thank you!!!


  • anonymous_38257anonymous_38257 Registered Users Posts: 11
    What do you mean you are scared it won't revert?

    Do you mean you are scared you won't like how your hair will look once you wash it out?
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    My 2 cents but I'm no pro:

    Just don't straighten too often. Only once in a blueee moon if you can. Use a silicone based cream to protect your hair before straightening. Remember to wash the silicone out with a gentle sulfate shampoo when you're ready to go back to curly. I personally wouldn't risk the damage. It took me a whole year to grow out to shoulder length after my curls were destroyed by too much flat ironing.
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    If you used a silicone, you'll need at least coco betaine to take it out. I hope you protected it properly beforehand.

    If this is a once in a while thing, your curls will be fine, just don't do it too often or you'll get damage. I would deep condition and do an ACV final rinse to close the cuticles.
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