Bleaching does not always ruin your curls

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Curls are healthier without bleach but if you moisturize your curls and do a weekly deep conditioner treatment, your hair will come out just fine. I always do a olive oil & egg mask right after i bleached my hair. My curl pattern is not affected, my curls are still the same and my hair does not feel dry. So for the ladies who want to bleach there hair. If you take good care of your hair, it will come out just fine! Everyones hair is different but bleaching does not always ruin your curls!


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    Your curls are so gorgeous and soft looking! I agree completely, my only issue with bleaching was the one time my hair dresser did a "bleach shampoo" on me and left it on way too long. Turned out horrible. But bleached hair can definitely be healthy if it's taken proper care of.
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    Your hair is beautiful! My hair has been bleached around 5 times, and it doesn't feel any different than when it was all natural. All you have to do it take care of it and use the right products!
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    What bleach did you use?
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    Thanks for the post! Your hair looks great!

    I had a somewhat different experience. I bleached my hair a few shades (from dark-medium brown to medium-light brown) and it definitely took a toll on my hair's health. Before I had very healthy, low-porosity hair. Would go 9months between trims without a split end in sight! But after the bleaching, I immediately saw split ends... especially in this one area on my nape that would get tangled a lot... that has a ton of split ends and breakage points, though to be fair, that nape area was probably not low-porosity to begin with and had some mechanical damage. The stylist also blow-fried my hair after bleaching, and I think that had a hand in the damage as well.

    But like you, I didn't experience a change in the waves/curls at all. One benefit is lower drying time and quicker/easier styling. I am very very tempted to take my hair to blonde, at least the bottom half or 1/3rd for an ombré look. I've never gone blonde before and I think it will be a fun change. I expect more split ends out of it but I'm not that worried overall.

    I think if you bleach, you do have to take more care with your hair. Like no hot tools, gentle handling, silk pillowcase, and hydrolized protein and rich conditioning products. Coconut oil soaks are supposed to help high-porosity hair as well.
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    though to be fair, that area was probably not low-porosity to begin with and had some mechanical damage.
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    Gorgeous! Would love to know what you use to keep your hair so healthy despite bleach? I'm more of a 2C with some 3A and have been home dyeing to cover the greys but my dark brown is starting to look a bit too dark and muddy to me, so was thinking of having a colorist lighten me up several levels but am afraid of killing my hair in the process. You've given me courage but I want to get some good conditioners on hand and start deep treating for a few weeks first to make sure I go in with good healthy hair to start.
    Thanks for any advice!
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    Question: if you sure it bleach your hair, are you still considered being natural? Is it the same for having a weave in?

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