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Okay, so my problem is my hair won't let me do anything to it! I have 3a hair and I usually wear it down, but whenever I want to put it up like in a curly bun or anything, it only stays for a few hours. It's really frustrating! Please help!


  • CURLYanddy_CURLYanddy_ Registered Users Posts: 198
    Gel, maybe? Hair pins? Extra hair ties? Hair clips? Banana clips? Chinese hair sticks? Barrettes?

    Try those! :)

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  • curlygirlINcurlygirlIN Registered Users Posts: 70
    Thanks! I usually use gel and lots of hairpins..maybe I need a stronger gel, idk...thanks tho for your reply =)
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    I've never managed to use hair pins only (even with gel) to make my hair stay up in a bun or similar. They work better to keep individual hairs down I feel...

    Hair sticks I never thought would work but they actually make the hair stay up without gel (!). Takes some practice, but might definitly be worth a try. Also, look up spin pins, they seem to be able to catch more hair and be more secure, at least I think so. I'm still waiting for mine.
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    Spin Pins.
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    I have the same problem until i started doing stuff different.
    First i changed to not using shampoo and using cleansing conditioner.
    i use L'oreal ever curl hydra charge cleansing conditioner. Love it! i got it at walmart. i also changed from gel to l'oreal ever curl sculpt and hold cream gel. but before i use it i use l'oreal ever curl leave in cream. also try using a t shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. I normally wash my hair at night and style it. then when it is dry and I'm go to sleep i but it up in a pineapple, pulling all your hair to the top of your head and using a scrunchy to tie it. I have noticed i can wear it down with out it being puffy. i hope i helped
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    I just recently started using L'oreal every curl leave in conditioner, but I'm torn between trying homemade flaxseed gel or trying l'oreal ever curl sculpt and hold cream gel. I should put my hair in a pineapple at night, I'm just so afraid of getting made fun of because I'm the only curly in my family!! =(

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