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The temps are dropping particularly in the morning and might during my commute to work. I'm still having an issue attaining dry curls. Pine appling, braiding, sleeping on a satin pillow the night before all do not work. They make my hair frizzy, shrink, and get matted. I've done the cg analysis and switched products and don't see a difference. Diffusing makes my hair really frizzy big and matted. Even with the low setting and by turning the blower on and off. It also takes me 45 minutes to diffuse. I'm starting to feel like curly hair isn't for me anymore. I'm feeling stuck in a rut with my hair. I don't know what to do with it currently so I just keep pulling it back but it looks terrible and unkempt. As a result I haven't been getting dressed up or doing my makeup bc I just feel totally frustrated and confused. I have no idea what look to go for at this point. I'm really tired of wet hair. Wrapping it in a t shirt doesn't prevent it from dripping.
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    I believe I once read something to the effect that hair needs different types of care each season to keep it well moisturized and still styled the way one likes. I believe it had said in summer use more liquid-like stylers because the intense heat will zap out the heavy cremes and make your hair gross so assuming that I would think that using creams in winter is more appropriate because the moisture in the air keeps the cream from say "evaporating" and leaving your hair feeling gross.

    I typically in winter time go outside with wet hair anyway and I prefer styling my hair in the winter because it takes longer to dry so it sorta gives more time for my products to settle in my hair and make them soft along with the help from the moisture in the air. I thought it would be difficult when I started last winter but it actually was fairly bearable.

    I have similar issues though with all those methods you've listed my hair is still really poofy/frizzy it's not very matted but the frizz factor makes me have to re-wet my hair any day that I want to style it and it is a pain because I want to grow it out and not over manipulate it. However if you are feeling unsatisfied with your curly hair I would suggest maybe some sort of protective styling that you don't really have to touch everyday. The hassle would be less and it won't be as time consuming and I'm starting to look into more low manipulation protective styles myself in hopes that it will help.

    Well anyway I'm getting off point probably so I hope this helps :)
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    Have you tried turning your head upside down in the morning and fluffing? Then spray a light mist on your hair, just enough to reactive the curl? Are you using products that will reactive when wet?
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    Have you tried washing your hair the night before? Instead of a satin pillowcase I use a satin cap I found at the drugstore. I feel it keeps everything held "in place", my curls aren't disrupted.

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    I feel your pain. My hair is short now, but when it was long, it would take over 8 hours to dry - and we all know that when you're hair is drying, it's susceptible to frizzing! Products can contribute somewhat, but ultimately, if you have thick or long hair, there's only so much you can do product-wise. I find it to be a bit of a trade off - products like KCCC give nice hold and reduce frizz, but they increase my drying time exponentially. Products with a lot of moisturizing properties and minimal to no hold really do decrease my styling time a LOT. No amount of plopping, pineappling can help me from frizzing if I don't get good first day hair (i.e., that means no sleeping on it when it's even the slightest bit damp).

    Things that worked for me:
    -Mixing a strong gel with coconut oil
    -Microfibre towel scrunching
    -Clipping and diffusing the bulk of my hair to stop dripping
    -Air dry or use a home bonnet dryer

    Personally, I can live with my hair a bit wet if it looks like it's curly and setting...I can't deal with drips though.
  • Morgan_AdcockMorgan_Adcock Registered Users Posts: 2,573 Curl Neophyte
    I would suggest trying sleeping on a silk pillowcase, rather than satin. The qualities of silk satin which make it desirable are qualities of (the fiber) silk far more than they are of (the weave) satin, and polyester satin does not mimic silk in the ways that your hair needs for it to. You can get silk pillowcases for less than $15 from Dharma Trading Co. (NAYY)

    In addition to using a silk pillowcase, one of my best tricks for getting great next day hair is to apply a mixture of aloe vera gel (I use about a walnut sized amount) mixed with a few drops of jojoba oil in my hand, skim that over my hair rightside, then upside down, and scrunch it in well. I do this first in my bedtime routine, and it has a chance to start to form a gelcast before I lay down.

    In the morning, if I apply anything, it's a mixture of water, conditioner, and a scant amount of gel that I've made, which I apply to my hands, then apply with the sandwich technique to my hair, and scrunch. The point is to get it damp, not wet. If I use too much, or if I spritz it directly on my hair, I get frizz.

    I had been having more trouble, since my hair has gotten long, getting good 1st day hair, partially due to the weight of the water dragging it down, and the ridiculous amount of time it takes my hair to dry. I tried using my old hairdryer with diffuser, and felt like I got absolutely nowhere with it. 45 minutes later, my hair was still wet, and my arm felt like it was going to fall off. So I started looking at hairdryers. The professional ones come with a higher price tag, but some of the features which seemed quite desirable aren't found on the low end dryers found in drugstores and bigbox stores. I ended up getting a SuperSolano 3500 Lite from Folica.com, which has a recycling discount available, and I love it. It dries my hair in a really reasonable period of time on the warm heat (which is quite comfortable) and low speed settings, and I have no discomfort using it, despite fibromyalgia and some arthritis. (The FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1900 is another hairdryer which was very tempting, and has a lot of fans here.)

    Hopefully something in this may be some help to you.

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    Silk/satin scarves and beanie type hats come in handy too. My hair is really thick and takes a lonnng time to dry so I put it in twists and tie a scarf around it and rock a beanie with some cute earrings or something until it dries. As for dryness switching to a butter or a thicker leave in or oil ( experimentation is in order) may help. Also I opt not to use gel in the colder months since the cold dry air pretty much is my gel lol! Please don't be don't be discouraged, use this time to learn something new about your hair. Sorry this is lengthy ,but HTH

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