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Alright, so I am really confused on my hair texture. I use heat on my hair twice a month, and I always deep condition when I wash. This is my problem; I always wanted to wear my hair curly...but my roots are curl-less. It looks like a wet blow dry if you can picture that.

My ends are curl is most places and I cut out the heat damage, and I never have problems straightening the roots because of the texture it is already.

I decided to cut back on straightening and see what my new growth looks like, and I realized that's how my roots are.

So how can I get curl roots? What are my options?


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    Try clipping maybe the "lift" can mimick your curl starting point until the new growth comes in? Also flipping your hair on one side while it dries and then the actual side you style it after can add root lift. I'm not sure how long this straight area at your roots is but it may just work.

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    I will give it a try! But I have bangs in the front of my hair, and those roots don't even curl up? I understand everyone's hair is different, but I want to do a wash and go. I know there's twist out and braids outs, but who has time for all that drying when it's tied up?
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    Lol i wish i had that! wouldnt your curls stay down more? Some curlies look wavy or sleek at the roots but i guess after a certain length it weighs down and looks less curly.

    I still have straight ends from heat damage but curlier roots.

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