eye cream reccomendations?

frankie88frankie88 Posts: 106Registered Users
I'm 20 and I want to start using a proper eye cream to help keep my eye area hydrated. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    I like philosophy a lot. Pricey bit a little goes a long way. Oil of Olay is a great starter moisturiZer too.
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    [FONT=&quot]I use Uplift eye cream, it helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles with Haloxyl. Liquid Crystals restore your eyes moisture balance and reflect light. It's important to use the best anti aging eye cream available before resorting to more costly medical procedures like injections and laser treatment.[/FONT]
    Sophia Nathan
  • BradenBraden Posts: 5Registered Users
    Hi Frankie,
    To hydrate eye area, I will advice you to Renu Derma eye care cream. To get maximum benefits, you must continuously use warm water to wash eye area where you apply Renu Derma cream.
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    I just use straight vitamin e oil. It's thick, so I dip a q-tip in the bottle and smooth it over both eyes. I use the dry end of the q-tip to sort of smooth it in. It acts as a great base for concealer :) Sometimes I apply at night too and just let it sit.

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