Bleaching Horror!!!!!!!!

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Hello my name is Chelle(pronounced Shelly) I am new to this site but I wanted to share my bleaching story/experience and hope I can get a feed back.
So on Saturday 9/28/13 I decided to go to the salon and dye my hair. I wanted to go back blonde, at the moment I was a red head and I couldn't deal with the red dye constantly fading when I washed my hair(I will try to post pics). Walked into the salon that I usually go to for deep conditioning treatments, wash and blow dry, as well as coloring. With that being said I had a good trust in them, they told me in order for the red dye to come out of my hair I will have to bleach it and I told them that its okay(once again because I trust them with my color and they did my hair plenty of times before). Sat down at the sink and they proceed on putting bleach in my hair to lift the red out to do the blonde process. A few minutes went by and my hair was STILL red, they stylist decided to put me under the dryer and wrap my hair in foil. So 30 minutes turned in to an hour and an hour turned in to 2 hours! Yet my hair is now turning pink, with me being under the dryer that long with bleach in my hair concerned me. I could feel my hair crying with the process that's going on, the smell was strong and my eyes were burning, also the hairdresser was coming by frequently to add more bleach to my hair since the red/pink was still in my hair. So now here comes the time for the wash out of the bleach a sigh of relief perhaps....... NO!!!!!!! I touched my hair and it was completely gummy/gooey when I put my fingers to my ends the hair will break off like nothing. I seriously wanted to cry! The stylist decided to put an ash color on the pink ends to eliminate the pink and then go on to making my hair brown and not blonde since my hair is super damaged. Long story short I didnt get the blonde or brown I wanted, my hair fell out and is uneven, my hair is completely fried and dry to the touch!!

Yesterday I decided to do a deep conditioning therapy to my hair, the at home hair mask with mayo and olive oil. Let it sit in my hair all day, when it was time for me to wash it out I can feel how thin my hair got from Saturday experience not to mention my curl patter is gone! I have the APHogee protein treatment at home. I just want to know how long should I wait before I use it? I know my pores on my scalp is still open and right now I have my hair in a protective flat twist style. I would greatly appreciate some feedback thank you.



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    I don't have any words of wisdom or anything but I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you went through that. I would be extremely upset if it happened to me so I can only imagine how you are feeling :(
    Good luck nursing your hair back to health and I hope you get lots of great advice on here.

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    I'm sorry to hear what happened. It sounds like the stylist didn't know what she was doing. I have dark brown hair, and I have bleached it five times. What I have found works best is Loreal Damage Erasing balm. Wet your hair and apply it heavily to your hair. Put a shower cap/heat cap on and leave it on overnight. I do it everynight for about a week after I bleach my hair. I had a stylist who fried my hair and it felt like dead straw. But after using this my hair feels like silk, and I have healthy mid back length hair. You could also try Queen Helene's Cholesterol cream. Which may help, it's too heavy for my hair but it might work for your hair since it's cuticles are freshly opened.
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    Thank you, I will look into those products and see if they can help.
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    So sorry to read this. They should have used a peroxide free colour remover to lift the red, then persulphate bleach if necessary after 'resting' your hair for a week or more. Two hours is crazy, to be honest I'd threaten to sue.

    You can do a hydrolysed protein treatment at any time, you pores are not open but your scalp may be damaged so do patch and strand tests. Use coconut rather than olive oil.
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    So sorry to read this. They should have used a peroxide free colour remover to lift the red, then persulphate bleach if necessary after 'resting' your hair for a week or more. Two hours is crazy, to be honest I'd threaten to sue.

    I wouldn't threaten to sue I would see about suing.
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    My bf tries to calm me down about my hair situation and want me to take it as an lesson learned. But its really hard to do that when my hair feels rought and crunchy and not soft like it used to be. I feel absolutely ugly that I dont even want to step foot outside without a scarf over my head.

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    I'm really sorry to hear what you are going through. I think we all have mishaps here and there with our hair. Just remember it will always grow back! It will never be permanently this way! Just pamper it, and do the best you can to keep it as healthy as possible while you let the damage grow out. Get frequent trims and condition, condition, condition!
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    Wow pretty much the same thing happened to me last year. My hair (naturally dirty blonde) was died "fire engine" red over bleach. I went to the salon to get it dyed dark blonde and they gave me what they call a "bleach shampoo" claiming it was less harsh. I had hair loss, severe burns on my scalp, my hair felt like straw, etc. Very similar scenario to yours.

    After that happened I quit using heat on my hair cold turkey. I also stopped shampooing for weeks. Coconut oil really helped restore it to a healthier state. Try using coconut oil as much as you can! Lather it all over your hair, put on a plastic shower cap or covering and sleep with the coconut oil on your hair.

    I don't have a ton of advice because I'm still in the process of restoring the damage on my ends, but I would quit heat and soak up coconut oil!
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    Like mentioned above, I also use coconut oil.

    I find coconut oil (organic virgin coconut oil) to be a life saver for my hair. I melt a little bit in the microwave (not too hot), apply it generously to unwashed dry hair, cover it with a shower cap and leave it in for several hours.

    I then wash it really well, gently towel dry my hair and apply a Joico Deep Hydrating/Moisterizing treatment for an hour or so (right after the coconut oil treatment).

    Do this every few days. It can't repair the damage done but it does help make my hair feel softer and look shinnier until my healthy hair grows back.

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    I'm so sorry you had a terrible experience. They really should have known better. This is the kind of situation where they were doing what you asked (but should have, as professionals, put a limit on the bleach), so next time you know to take control of your own hair. You have every right to demand it be taken out if it's not doing it's job, and your money back because of their lack of knowledge in the situation. These things are hard to remove ourselves from, because we hope so badly that they really do know what they are doing. But I'm quickly learning that most of them don't and we have to be our own advocate for our hair.

    I second the oil.
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    Well time has passed since then, I didn't getbthe courage yet to cut my hair but its getting there. As of right now I have a sew-in and oiling my scalp as much as needed. Im feeling a little bit better about my hair now that its done, but the horror of what happened is stuck with me forever. I appreciate everybody feedback and concern on this matter. I just know for future reference to NEVER use bleach on my hair again. Just do the coloring in trials.

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    Sorry for responding late in the game but I had a bleaching horror story a while back as well ... I had accidentally gotten my hair too dark (pitch black and I am ghostly white skin tone) and wanted it back to normal. I was still new to hair color and all that, so I went to a salon for help. Well, similar happened to me and I strongly remember my bangs just totally breaking off. I was too traumatized to risk bleaching again!!
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    I'm late getting to this but oh my god! Hairdressers should know better than that! Red is really hard to get out and when I went red to blonde they did it in stages over the course of months.

    If your hair can take protein then Redken Extreme may help.
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    Although its like its fine lol. Im at this point where im just ready to cut my hair and start all over again. At first I aas hesitant about it, because I didnt want to walk around with a bald head(I have a fear that I have a weirs shaped head or something), then again I dont want to walk around with dead fried hair. So this week I am going to cut it and start new. Once again I appreciate eveybody feed back and concerns it means a lot to me. Once I do my B/C I will keep yall updated!

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    I am so sorry you had to go through that. I would have cried. It's unfortunate when hair stylists don't make wise decisions when something with color happens like that.. To try and soften your hair maybe you could try argan oil or Moroccan oil, and vitamin E. Those are all very good for hair. Best of luck, I hope you get your curl back