polyquat buildup ?'s

Do all polyquats build up or is it just a few certain ones? If they do start to build up, does it take a sulfate poo to get them out, or will cocomidapropyl betaine or apricotamidapropyl betaine get them out?
Are quats like cones, in that some that don't sound like cones, are cones?(like cyclopentasiloxane, for example)...

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    Polyquats don't build up on everyone. Generally if you get buildup it's real slow over time with consistent use. Cocobetaine should remove it.

    I don't think most have a problem with them but the only way I can stay without any buildup is to do without polyquats and even water soluable cones. I went months that way but dang it I have quats on today. Gels usually have it in them but curl cremes do too. OH and embs has it in there, creme of nature also

    It's like some other things you just have to try and see if it works for you. Plenty don't have problems. I think for instance with me the soft water complicates things
    Low porosity, medium texture.
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