Need a little help with 2nd day hair

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Hi ladies, I co-washed yesterday and had a really good hair day. I pineappled overnight with a sleep cap over the top and today my hair is a little ... meh. It's very 'big' and still has nice waves, unfortunately I thought it was a little messy so I finger combed gently to get rid of tangles and then ran my wooden comb through. Now there is a little frizz on one side in particular. I'm assuming the frizz is due to the combing. Does anyone have any ideas how I can neaten my hair w/o causing frizz? Or is there something I could use to smooth frizz once it's there? (An oil perhaps? - maybe I could oil my damp hair on wash day to prevent frizzing) I absolutely cannot get my hair wet, not even a little because for some reason if my hair gets wet without me washing it, it dries greasy. Because of this, my options are somewhat limited. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

eta: Okay so I combed my hair through again and the frizz was smoothed :-)