Anyone have hair that frizzes when blow drying?

No matter what products I use my hair begins frizzing about halfway through the drying process. What is the deal? I use a diffuser so that's not it. I have the nicest hair dryer it's not a quality issue. *sigh* Thanks.


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    Maybe you need a stronger hold gel?
    If I have too much pressure on the air I'm using to blow dry.......meaning if I have the air on high it will blow my hair out of it's curls. I do get a little bit of hair that separates anyway if I'm not careful. I aim my dryer in toward my head to keep the hair from blowing around

    I'll be glad when the weather is consistently warmer so I can jsut air dry again
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    Mine does. Diffusers don't help me either. I have blown away quite a few stylists who assured me "I was doing it wrong" and offered to show me how to diffuse my curls. They suggested using the diffuser to move my hair and scrunch sort of, rather than my hands, medium or low heat, and the slower air rather than the faster/harder air setting.

    Always, I end up with a head of extremely frizzy, fluffy, messy hair. So I shampoo/condish at night and sleep on my hair wet.
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