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Hello every on my name is Vicki, I'm Puerto Rican & Ukrainian and I have 3b hair. My mom who is white didn't teach me how to deal with my hair so every thing I know now, is from the internet. It took me my entire life to accept that I will never have straight hair, and that I should embrace my "ethnic" hair texture. I'm having trouble finding a hair cut/style that suits my squareish shaped face. I often go to websites and even though the celebrities have square faces, the hair in the pictures are often type 2 (which I don't consider curly at all, sorry!)
This is what my hair looks like on a good day. Are there any hair styles you guys would suggest to make my forehead (and face in general) look less wide? I'd prefer not to cut it since I did a big chop two years ago and I haven't felt the same since :confused2: I always liked having bangs but they are too high maintenance and my current boyfriend doesn't think they flatter me.


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    I know exactly what you're talking about, I'm a mixed race too and had no one to help me embrace my natural curly 3c hair. I've done a lot of research and I have to say I like my hair a lot now.

    Here are a couple of web sites that help with curly hair care and styling.
    Controlling Curls, Curly Hair Do's and Don'ts
    10 Curly Hair Styles in Under 10 Minutes

    In your picture, you have your hair parted on the side, maybe try parting it in the middle instead and do a layered bang so it frames your face?
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    My hair isn't as curly as yours, but I have a square face that's on the longish side. I usually keep my hair long with some shorter layers around my face. At the moment it's pretty short all over to give me more volume. I did a big chop at the beginning of the summer (10 inches) to cut off some damage from hair color. If I don't have a bob, then it's usually a long cut with layers. I always part my hair on the side to minimize my long forehead and I never have traditional bangs. My face looks way too long when I part my hair in the middle. When I'm looking for a new hairstyle I really have to imagine how celebrity cuts will look with my curls. It's extremely difficult to find pictures with curly hair. If I find a cut I like then I show the pic to my hairdresser and we figure out if it will work with my hair. You just have to make sure any cut takes into account how much your curl bounces up. Mine bounces up about 3 inches so she cuts it a bit on the long side to get a similar length as the picture. Good luck!
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    i agree that a middle part would not be flattering. in my opinion, a middle part is not flattering to most people. and i agree that long layers is the way to go. you can have shorter layers around your face. i like the side part you have in the pic, love your curls!!

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