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So I've decided after some time to go back and try some qhemets biologics products. I've used the products in the past and I loved them for moisture. Ii think i stopped using them because I was wrapped up in a trying to find wash and go products for my hair. Now that I've let that idea go...i realized that Qhemet Products will most likely give me the look i desire. i'll still use my be mine luscious for moisture, but i purchased the twisting butter, hydrating balm and cocoa detangling ghee today.

Wish me luck.
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    Goodluck! im going to order pretty much the same thing this weekend.. have you tried the balm before?
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    why did you have to let the wng go?
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    The balm is excellent for sealing in moisture. Also, I like it under extreme wetline gel for the crunch factor.
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    I went away from WnG because i accepted that with 4a/b hair...there really isn't a product on the market that will stretch my hair the way i wanted. I also found that stretching it kept it detangled more than wash and go's over time that has all proven to be the way to go. My hair has grown alot and is so healthy.

    Meanwhile, I just did my first twist out back with the products. I used the balm after washing to moisturize, then did a wet twist with the twisting butter, which honestly i loved! I've used the ghee to soften and detangle prior to washing my hair today...what a treat. These are going to be my staples for awhile. I'm going to order prior to the rush at the holidays and after i get rid of all of my bee mine luscious i am going to start using the Burdock Root cream for my moisturizer. i find that it does the same thing as the bee mine but without giving me the frizz halo.
    "We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie

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